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5 Tips For Saving Money On Back-to-School Shopping

August 27, 2018

Back-to-school is an important time, but it doesn’t need to become a strain on your finances.

Classes will be starting soon so its likely a lot of parents out there are right in the midst of back-to-school shopping. Many boomer parents are dealing with college-aged kids heading to school which can be extra expensive. It’s understandable that you don’t want to skimp on spending money for your kids’ school days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save and still provide the necessities. Take a look at a few tips for spending less on this years’ back-to-school shopping.

Make a plan.

Starting with a list is always a good idea. Start taking stock of everything you or your child will need for the return to class. Once you have a solid list, it’s time to start breaking it into sections and formulating a plan of attack. For instance, you might feel that trying to get everything done all in one place and one time would be easiest. But if you break the list up you can search out better deals. Knowing where to shop for certain items can reduce the overall spendings.

Find out what you already have.

Once you have the all-important list, it’s time to determine what you don’t need. Chances are that you have at least some of the items already from either previous years of school or other uses. Collect all the supplies you own and strike them from the list. Not every item needs to be brand new.

Look for deals on the big items.

Especially for those heading to university, some back-to-school needs will be much bigger than pencils and notebooks. Computers and laptops are a good example of those pricier items. But while they’re important, don’t feel pressure to buy the latest or rush to a buying decision. Do some research yourself or with your child. Determine what is needed and a reasonable price to get it. Look for sales and opportunities to save a little. It’s still going to be expensive but hopefully it will at least be manageable.

Don’t feel the need to go too trendy.

This one will likely be the topic you and your child disagree on the most. While they might want to show up the class on the first day with the latest fashion and accessories, you know it’s not necessary. No need to overpay for trendy brands. Help out in whatever way you can with their clothes and supplies but if they want to buy the ‘coolest’ items, they can use their own money.

Look for cheaper text books.

Text books at university can be one of the most expensive purchases of the entire year. With a full class-load and hefty price tags, they can really add up. Thankfully, there are ways to save a little on these as well. While the university book store will be pushing brand new copies, you can search out used and digital copes online. Internet shopping is a magical thing, don’t forget.


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