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5 Tips for Nurturing Friendships at a Distance

April 16, 2020

(article provided by Amintro)

We’re all watching the latest news reports on COVID-19 and recognize that social distancing and self-isolation are necessary in order to stop the spread of this virus and to maintain our health. It’s a global pandemic impacting us all.

It’s during challenging times like these that we truly recognize how beneficial personal relationships can be on our overall health and wellbeing. But in order to reap the rewards, these relationships need to be positive, strong, and a two-way street.

With so many people staying home and self-isolating, we recommend you set some time aside to make your relationships with your friends stronger than ever by following these 5 tips.

Make time

Life gets busy, we all know that, and often between work and caring for immediate family members, friends can take a back seat. With schools and daycares closed, we can now add homeschooling to that long list. Even so, we want you to carve out time in your schedule to connect with your friends be it online, through text messaging or over the phone. We all need a break in our hectic lives for a friendly chat with a good friend!

See their potential

You may think someone is just an acquaintance or casual friend, and unless you make the effort that is all they will ever be. Friendships, especially close ones, don’t happen overnight, and if you shrug someone off as simply being a co-worker or neighbour, you could be missing out on a wonderful friendship. So take this time to reach out to someone who fits this description. We’re confident you’ll be glad you did.

Visit with each other virtually

Schedule a time to do a video chat with a friend or group of friends using features and apps on your smart devices such as Whatsapp and Facetime. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the virtual company of friends.

Lend a hand

We could all use a third or even fourth hand at times like these. If a friend is in need, offer to help; if they are self-isolating, offer to pick up and deliver supplies/groceries. Find ways to contribute to your friends’ lives that go beyond a chat or an offer of help that they may feel awkward following up on. We’ve created a downloadable and printable Good Neighbor notecard that lets people know you’re offering to lend a hand.

Be a cheerleader

If your friend is having difficulty coping with the new realities of living during the COVID-19 pandemic, be there to support them. Offer encouragement, guidance and perhaps, resources, to assist them.

At Amintro, we are all about bringing those 50+ together for community and resources, connecting them to information, products and services for inspired living. We believe in the bond of old friends and the possibilities that lie with new ones.


About Amintro: The social platform exclusively for those 50+ and their network. Amintro brings people together for community and resources, connecting them to information, products and services for inspired living.

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