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37 Things Every Baby Boomer Will Remember

September 19, 2016

Just about any generation can look back on their childhood or younger years with rose-tinted glasses and say “Those were the good old days”. It’s not unfair to have a nostalgia for a certain time period that was special to you and boomers have seen quite a drastic change from their youth to now. But even with all the changes in technology, culture, fashion, entertainment and the world at large, boomers still hold on to those things from their past that are important to them. So take some time to take a little trip down memory lane!

1. Family road-trips meant everyone piling into the station wagon.

2. Seat belts were ‘add-ons’.

3. Wood featured prominently on most cars. And that was normal.

4. Neil Armstrong was an real-life superhero.

5. You drank Tang because that’s what the astronauts drank!

6. You subconsciously liked people with a lot of 1s in their phone number more than people with a lot of 9s.

7. Nothing was worse than messing up the phone number on the last digit and having to start ALL OVER AGAIN!

8. Your world changed with the touchpad dial.

9. Pop cans used to be a lot harder to open. You were liable to lose a finger.

10. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen were the coolest.

11. Passing notes in class was just about the riskiest thing you could do.

12. Schoolhouse Rock! made learning fun.

13. No need for endless trips to the grocery store for milk, it was delivered right to your door!

14. Liquid paper was a life saver.

15. Your home television weighed approximately 3,000 pounds.

16. And channel-surfing was no easy task.

17. 3D movies were few and far-between. And they always sucked.

18. No Christmas was complete without watching these classics.

19. Weekends were spent outside. On week nights, the street was your hockey rink.

20. Saturday Night Live was actually funny.

21. And the ‘Not Ready For Primetime Players’ were television rock stars.

22. Your doctor would lecture you about junk food while smoking a cigarette in your face.

23. You didn’t know who was calling you until you actually picked up the phone.

24. You know the anticipation of waiting for a polaroid picture to develop.

25. Phone books were actually useful.

26. Playtime was full of challenges.

27. You still know every word to the theme songs for The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island.

28. You actually ate Spam.

29. You were convinced you did the best impression of Marlon Brando from The Godfather.

30. Celebrities dictated your ideal hairstyle. If you were a girl, Shaun Cassidy. If you were a boy, Farrah Fawcett.

31. If you stayed up late enough, TV would actually stop.

32. If you didn’t make it home in time for your favourite show, you would likely never see that episode again.

33. People actually went to drive-in movies

34. The Exorcist was the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

35. You liked the Beach Boys but not as much as The Beatles.

36. You liked Paul or John, but you secretly knew George was the coolest.

37. Your lived in the best era for rock and roll ever.

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