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15 Facts About Daylight Saving Time

March 17, 2022

Slowly we are seeing the snow melt, shovels retreat back into their corner in the shed, and warm sunlight take the morning frost off the grass. The switch to daylight saving time has happened which means that spring is right around the corner! We’ve gained an extra hour of sunlight but what exactly is the history and reason for this change?

  • Daylight savings time began as a joke from Benjamin Franklin!
  • The real credit for this day goes to none other than a book collector. 
  • It is official by law in Germany to operate with Daylight savings time. 
  • Daylight savings time became more popular in recent times due to the energy crisis!
  • This day actually has the potential to be harmful due to increase energy use.
  • This day has the potential to be harmful on your health due to lost sleep!
  • Daylight saving has seen a drop in robberies upon integration.
  • This date is not mandated by federal law, unlike Germany!
  • This day begins at 2am… why is that?
  • Losing an hour of time has had negative effects on the halloween candy industry.
  • There are different names for Daylight saving time across the globe.
  • This day doesn’t affect countries close to the equator.
  • Some people get confused with the official name- it is daylight saving, not savings, time.
  • American states had the choice for decades to adhere to Daylight saving time or not.
  • There is only 40% of the world’s population that utilizes Daylight saving time.

For the full scoop on these facts in detail, please visit MentalFloss for their amazing article, written by Karin Crompton.

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