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Wine Your Way

February 6, 2020

Wine Your Way : A new blog on enjoying wine the way you like it

A little while ago a friend asked me a question about wine, he said, is it okay if I chill my Pinot Noir? The fact that he asked me that question was interesting. Normally he is a very confident person but when it came to wine he was concerned about rules and acceptance. Who made wine so mysterious and pretentious? He would not ask that question about beer, golf, business or many other things. So why wine? My answer to him was that if he liked peanut butter in his Pinot then that would be okay. I do not think he will do that, but the advice was – have wine your way and enjoy it!

There are very few rights and wrongs about drinking wine. Some people like to chill their wine and that is okay. Some people like sweet wines and some people like bone dry wines and that is okay. I tend to like bone dry, very tannic (read dry mouth like drinking strong black tea) and acidic red wines – but that is not everyone’s tastes, it is just what I like.

Who am I to take this stance you ask? Well, I am a self-taught winemaker – albeit amateur and I have pretty much read every leading book on the Wines of the World. I have taken some winemaking courses and a few Sommelier courses. Does that make me an expert? No. I am just a lover of wine and winemaking. I have travelled wine regions in Canada, the US, France and Italy. Italy and Italian wines are my favourites. Maybe it has something to do with the pasta and pizza over there?

What I would like to do is write every now and then on the topic of wine and drinking it. My goal is to demystify wine by sharing some fun knowledge and facts to make your consumption more enjoyable.

Now what is your role in all of this? If you have any questions about wine, please send them to me and I will answer a few of the questions in each blog. I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions. Until then I hope you are enjoying a nice glass of wine, I know I am because I could not write this blog without a glass or two!

Kevin MacIntyre
BoomersPlus.com by day
Crossroads Winemaker by Night

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