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Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

July 15, 2016

Sometimes it seems just as hard to find the right hobby as it is finding the right job. You certainly want a hobby that you’ll enjoy and have a genuine interest in, but also something that enriches your life. If you’re struggling to find your next hobby, allow me to make a suggestion; start your own blog.

Blogging can sometimes get a bad wrap. The term blogging is often lumped in to a general term of people who go on the internet to complain or tout their opinion as the truth. But there’s no reason to let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. Blogging is also a great way for people to discuss things that matter to them and share their passions with others. But it’s true that there are countless of blogs on the internet, in fact millions are written each day. So why should you bother adding your own to the pile?

Improve your writing skills.

The ability to write well is an often overlooked or underrated skill. A lot of people think that if they can get by writing a semi-coherent email, then they’re a good enough writer. But the ability to write concise and clear messages is invaluable no matter what job you may have. As a blog writer, you’ll be honing those skills, expressing your ideas in a manner that people understand.  Anybody can go on their computer and write up a nonsensical rant. You want to share something of value and that takes skill. That’s not to say that you’ll be a pro right off the bat. It will take some practice to perfect your skills, some time to find your voice, and some feedback to improve. But if you find you enjoy writing and you stick with it, you’ll walk away a better writer, guaranteed.

A fantastic job search tool.

The old resume is a tried-and-true tool for the job search, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some other tools at your disposal? While you should never assume a personal blog allows you to put ‘writer’ down on your resume, it does allow you to bring something else to the table. Depending on how appropriate it is to the job you’re seeking, it wouldn’t be wrong to offer your blog as a sample of your skills. Also sharing your writing on social media and connecting with your readers is a fantastic networking tool. Employers love to see a job candidate who demonstrates passion and it’s an excellent way for them to get to know you a little more. Blogging allows you to put more of yourself out there beyond the resume and LinkedIn profile.

It’s uniquely ‘YOU’.

Aside from how a personal blog can improve your skills or further you career, the main reason to start one is what it offers to you and you alone. Whatever you have passion for — hockey, fishing, theatre, history, woodcarving, radio — having your own blog allows you to speak about your passion to great lengths. You can speak about latest trends, dive into why you love this topic to begin with, or review other’s work in the subject. Being able to express your thoughts on something you care about is not only enjoyable, it’s also healthy.

So with these points in mind, try setting up your own blog. There are a number of tutorials online to help you create a blog free and easily. No matter what subject you pick make sure it’s something you feel strongly about and want to share with others. Good luck and happy writing!

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