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Why can’t qualified people get jobs?

October 25, 2019

There isn’t enough attention given to people who are unemployed, qualified and want a job. 

A company puts up a job description on its career website or on a job board and the position is flooded with hundreds of resumes for a single job posting. 

The hundreds of resumes come from people who are under-qualified, qualified and overqualified, which makes it a time-consuming process for the HR team to find the right fit for their company. Often, these hundreds of resumes are not carefully reviewed which means in a lot of cases qualified people don’t get the job.

The time it takes to find the right candidate and then interview them is constantly rising plus, most employers are not looking to hire people who are currently not employed. The job market is often chasing after people who already have a job, as it is believed that they are the most qualified for the role. The problem with chasing the employed is it takes time to eventually get them on board as they expect the hiring company to match or better their current job situation.

BoomersPlus is an alternative solution for employers. BoomersPlus is able to tap into their hidden talent pool of thousands of seasoned professionals who are not actively looking for work, but are ready to work. We match professionals with positions using our unique matching technology. This structured approach eliminates the issues mentioned previously, allowing for a quick and seamless turnaround of qualified candidates for each position.

More than 4 out of 5 employers have success interviewing and hiring using BoomersPlus, due to its process that includes both technology and human touch to its hiring process. Once the matching technology narrows down potential candidates, the client service team steps in and manually sifts through the potential candidates and vets them to ensure they are ideal candidates.

Hiring qualified candidates that can deliver on the job is the dream of every employer having spent a substantial amount of resources on the recruiting process. BoomersPlus delivers with its structured approach with the use of technology to match candidates with hiring needs.

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