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When Is Too Early For Christmas?

November 24, 2016

I think it’s safe to say that most all of us enjoy the Christmas season. At a certain point, we like to hear Christmas songs played endlessly on a loop, it’s nice to see decorations all over the neighbourhood, and even the snow becomes tolerable. But more and more every year, there seems to be a quiet battle between those who get an early dose of the Christmas spirit and those who try desperately to hold off even mentioning the holiday until they think it’s appropriate.

So when does the Christmas season actually start? How early is too early to celebrate? To answer this we need to break it into categories of which there are distinct circumstance for each. And while I am elevating myself to a position of authority for this exercise, keep in mind these are merely suggestions and the way you celebrate the holiday is completely up to you.


This seems to kick off the debate each year. The Halloween candy doesn’t even have time to go on sale before the Christmas decorations are filling the isles. Each year, you hear a lot of uproar about it, more recently aimed at the fact that Canadians should have time to properly observe Remembrance Day. That’s a very true and fair point of view, but it’s not really the stores’ fault is it. It’s not as if Sobeys is forcing Christmas on us, there is a demand that time of year and they are meeting it like any reasonable business would. Now does that excuse them for playing Christmas music and having their employees dressed in Christmas sweaters in the first week of November? Probably not. But I’m afraid the stores get a pass.


Personally, once I discovered the magic of online shopping I knew I’d never step foot inside a mall for my Christmas shopping if I could help it. the bog crowds and stress of finding the best deal did not appeal to me in the slightest. But if you’re not keen to go the online route, the shopping season is whenever you want. If you want to be apart of the craziness a week before Christmas, go for it. if you want to beat the rush and go months in advance, you’re not hurting anyone. Just know that not everyone knows what they want for Christmas in October.

Christmas Music

Whether it’s the radio stations playing them on a loop or you listening to them in the privacy of your own home, a moratorium on Christmas carols is necessary, for the simple fact that there are only so many songs that can be played. When the Christmas songs really take off, it’s hard to escape. We get 12 different versions of “Santa Baby” and we hear “Silver Bells” once every hour. To keep us sane and still enjoying these classics, let’s agree to hold off until the 1st of December.


Decorations can be a tricky one. On the one hand, whatever decorations you put up in your own home are really no one’s business but your own. However, going to early with it can lead to yuletide fatigue by Christmas Eve. This is also a consideration when it comes to your exterior decoration. You don’t want to be shoving your Christmas spirit in your neighbours faces for a month and a half. Let’s take a page from our American friends’ playbook and wait until their Thanksgiving to light up the houses. Of course, then there’s the tree to consider. While certain storage techniques can ensure it lasts longer. If you’re buying from a lot, you don’t want it up much earlier than December unless you like cleaning up needles.

So there it is, just my humble opinion on the matter for anyone looking for direction. Once again, I would never presume to tell anyone how to enjoy such a wonderful holiday so respect other, enjoy yourself and Happy Holidays!

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