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When Is It Time To Acknowledge Your Age?

February 7, 2018

You’re only as young as you feel.

There’s more that statement than just sounding good. In fact, there’s quite a bit of truth to it when all is said and done. It can’t be denied that your age and what it means to you is somewhat a mindset. The number can mean very little and your overall health is a better determinate for how you are “aging”. But that doesn’t mean age is something to ignore.

Boomers have two very distinct reputations when it comes to their aging. On the one hand, they are still a very active generation. Whether it’s work or play, boomers have out-paced where previous generations have been at their age in terms of staying active and engaged. On the other hand, and perhaps because of their general youthfulness, they seem unwilling to address their age. It is understandable that, as a demographic, they are reluctant to focus on such things since they still feel and act quite young. But there is a difference in being proud of your exuberance and remaining ignorant to your health.

The brutal truth is, although it might not always feel like it, you are aging. Not feeling old now is great, but that doesn’t mean you can push aside concerns that come with getting older. Of course, boomers know all this, but many feel as though they are not at an age where aging is a concern. Well, that outlook is wrong. Boomers have reached an age where they need to start thinking about the next twenty years of their life and how to address the concerns. There are things you need to prepare for, decisions to make and precautions to take to ensure that you continue aging healthy and comfortably.

There is also the issue of boomers feeling unable or self-conscious about discussing their aging concerns openly. If you feel discouraged from addressing these very important subjects, know that you’re not alone. Many boomers feel uncomfortable with this area, but having frank and honest discussion with family, loved ones and medical professionals will help educate you on the important information as well as helping to approach the subject with more comfort. And we would like to do our part in helping facilitate those discussions.

This month on The Hub, we will be tackling the subject of aging and the concerns that accompany it. An open and informed outlook on your health can only benefit you and help you to continue living a lifestyle in which you are comfortable.

Stay tuned to The Hub on each Wednesday of February for more on this subject, and as always, share your thoughts and comments on what you read.

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