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What’s Coming To Netflix September 2017?

August 25, 2017

Netflix has become an unbelievable source of entertainment for millions of Canadians. For the relatively cheap monthly subscription, users have access to countless films and television shows from various years, various genres and various cinematic tastes.

The only real problem with Netflix is deciding what to watch.

Luckily we’ve got a new feature to let you know what new programs will be debuting this month and which ones are worth checking out.

Let’s take a look at what’s new on Netflix August 2017!

The Deer Hunter (1978)

Genre: War, Drama

Directed by Michael Cimino

Starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep

The 70s was an era in cinema of bold stories by filmmakers with distinct visions. This can be most acutely seen in the Vietnam films of the time. Far from the heroic World War II films of earlier years, these films didn’t shy away from aiming a critical gaze at the horrors of this war. One of the greatest examples of this trend is The Deer Hunter, a violent, brutal film that shows these horrors don’t leave the soldiers once the war ends.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Genre: Fantasy, Musical

Directed by Bill Condon

Starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

For many people, watching an old Disney brings in a flood of nostalgia. That’s the exact response Disney is hoping for with it’s new venture of adapting their classic cartoons into live action films. The animated version of Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in many people’s hearts and now they can enjoy it in a whole new way. Filled with the characters, moments and songs everyone loves, this new take offers a vivid retelling of an old favourite.

Hidden Figures (2016)

Genre: Action, Drama

Directed by Matt Reeves

Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe

While people can dismiss some films as mindless and unimportant, the medium is also a great way to have important and little-known stories reach a wide audience. This Best Picture nominee from last year tells the amazing true life tale of three African American women who, at a time when they were considered second-class citizens, helped to shape the future of NASA. Most people would never have known these amazing women’s name if not for the success of this film and this is a great opportunity to learn about a story that deserves to be told.

Jerry Before Seinfeld

Genre: Stand-up Comedy

Starring Jerry Seinfeld

The public at large got to know the name of Jerry Seinfeld through his massive popular 90s sitcom, Seinfeld. While the cultural phenomenon of that show is indelible, Seinfeld’s true love has always been stand-up. Celebrated by audiences and fellow comedian alike as one of the best in the bizz, this documentary shows Seinfeld’s triumphant return to the comedy clubs while taking a look back at his amazing career.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

Genre: Action

Directed by Richard Donner

Starring Mel GibsonDanny GloverGary Busey

There’s nothing quite like the action films of the 80s. A tongue-and-cheek tone mixed with thrilling action and fun characters made it the high point in genre’s history. This buddy cop flick might very well be the pinnacle of the genre as well. The inspired pairing of Gibson as the unhinged younger cop and Glover as the seasoned and weary older cop led to many imitators, none of which matched this iteration. The film is a funny thrill ride packed with so many great moments that will have you cheering out loud.

Narcos – Season 3 (2017)

Genre: Action, Thriller

Created by Chris Brancato

Starring Pedro Pascal

The Netflix original series is in an unusual place as it enters its third season. As Season 2 concluded, we saw the era of Pablo Escobar come to an end. The third season will next explore the aftermath of Escobar’s death and the attempt by several Mexican cartels to fill the void left by the drug kingpin. While it remains to be seen how successful the show will be without its most important and interesting character, it should be an interesting new stage for the acclaimed show.

The Other Guys (2010)

Genre: Comedy, Action

Directed by Adam McKay

Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton

Even for a classic in the genre like Lethal Weapon, it’s clear to see that these kinds of films are ripe for parody. This raucous and hilarious take on the buddy cop film finds Wahlberg playing a disgraced cop who is forced to team up with a Ferrell’s timid bookworm cop who is more comfortable behind a desk. The film is packed with hilarious characters all working to subvert the well-established tropes of the action movie genre.

There Will Be Blood (2007)

Genre: Drama

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Dano, Ciaran Hinds

This film has been hailed as one of the best films of the new millennium and its star, Daniel Day Lewis, gives a performance many call one of the best of all time. Set in the early twentieth century, the film follows an oilman on his dark and violent quest for money and power. If the title wasn’t a good enough hint, this is a dark film but Day Lewis’ towering performance is so mesmerizing that you won’t be able to look away even when it’s not pleasant.

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