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What’s Coming To Netflix October 2017?

October 2, 2017

Netflix has become an unbelievable source of entertainment for millions of Canadians. For the relatively cheap monthly subscription, users have access to countless films and television shows from various years, various genres and various cinematic tastes.

The only real problem with Netflix is deciding what to watch.

Luckily we’ve got a new feature to let you know what new programs will be debuting this month and which ones are worth checking out.

Let’s take a look at what’s new on Netflix October 2017!

Black Mass

Directed by Scott Cooper

Starring Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Dakota Johnson

Mob movies remain one of the most alluring genres in film, with such classics as The Godfather, Goodfellas and Once Upon a Time in America. It is especially interesting when the subject of the film happens to be true, such as with this film, chronicling James “Whitey” Bulgar’s reign as the head of Boston’s Irish mafia. Depp plays Bulger as a near mythic character, lurking in the underbelly of Boston, capable of horrible violence and untouchable to even the highest levels of authority.

Patriots Day

Directed by Peter Berg

Starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon

This is another true-life Boston drama, though perhaps too soon to relive for some. It chronicles the tragic day in 2013 with the Boston Marathon bombing, and the subsequent hunt for those responsible. While the subject matter is still very fresh in the public’s minds, the film is a respectful love letter to the city of Boston and their strength in a unimaginably difficult time. Not easy to watch but nonetheless very uplifting.


Directed by Robert Letterman

Starring Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush

Now that we’re entering the month of Halloween, what’s better than a nice scary-themed film the whole family can enjoy. While there are plenty of terrifying horror films out there, this family friendly adventure goes for more laughs than scares. Based on the popular book series from R.L. Stine, Black plays the famed children’s offer who must team with some young kids when the creatures from his books come to life.

The Kite Runner

Directed by Marc Foster

Starring Khalid Abdalla, Atossa Leoni, Shaun Toub

Given how popular the book The Kite Runner was when it was released in 2003, it’s safe to say you have some knowledge about what it is. And as with any popular book, Hollywood quickly made a film based on the acclaimed material. The story follows a man who leaves his comfortable life in American to return to his home country of Afghanistan to help his friends whose son is in danger. Film adaptions of famous books can go either way and this film has been met with mixed reactions, but it’s a unique story that is worth giving a chance.

Mindhunter – Season 1

Created by Joe Penhall

The public at large seems to have a terrified fascinating with killers. So many shows are focused on the hunt for those murderers and predators who we all fear are lurking in the shadows. This Netflix Original series delves deeper into those monsters and perhaps the beginning of our fascination with them, focusing on the early days of an FBI unit tasked with hunting down real killers. Coming from the visionary director David Fincher, the man responsible for Se7en and Gone Girl, this is sure to be a grisly yet compelling drama.

War of the Worlds

Directed Steven Spielberg

Starring Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins

Steven Spielberg was the man who brought the world the concept of friendly, peaceful alien visitors with his classic films like E.T. and Close Encounter of the Third Kind. But years later he embraced the idea of horrifying, killer aliens invading Earth with this adaption of H.G. Wells’ novel. The film follows a absent father who struggles to keep his two children alive in the midst of an extraterrestrial attack. Spielberg is one of the most successful directors of all time because he knows how to make a fun movie. This movie is a prime example of that skill.

Do the Right Thing

Directed by Spike Lee

Starring Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, Rosie Perez

Given the current tensions and political conversation in the United States, this film from the early 90s has suddenly become extremely relevant and topical. Set in Brooklyn during one of the hottest summer days, tensions begin to rise along with the temperature as various racial groups clash leading to a violent and all too familiar conclusion. The film was powerful in its time when the type of injustices depicted were discussed far less. The film makes a very effective statement on how the oppressed are forced to stand up when others try to force them down.

Stranger Things 2

Created by The Duffer Brothers

Just in time for Halloween, the creepy, fun, nostalgic Netflix series returns. Set in the 80s, the series follows a group of misfit friends in a small town who, after meeting a strange young girl, are thrust into an otherworldly adventure filled with terrifying dangers. The adult characters are great, but the real stars are the young actors who bring so much heart and humour to the very fun and scary ride.


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