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What Exactly is a Retirement Coach?

March 5, 2020

Most people are familiar with or have heard of a life coach but what about a retirement coach? It is a term that is gaining in popularity. At its core, a retirement coach is like a life coach for people beginning their leap into retirement. After a long time in the workforce, possibly without having to change your lifestyle much, adjusting to a new way of living can be difficult. This is where a retirement coach can come in and help.

The article Do You Need a Retirement Coach? 6 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You Have a Better Retirement highlights some key benefits of retirement coaches. It isn’t about preparing financially for retirement, as it would be too late for that. The focus is on how to utilize the free time that is suddenly at your disposal. It is about identifying multiple aspects that you could enjoy from retirement and balancing them. Creating a detailed schedule that allocates time for social activities, downtime, etc.

An important point to touch on is potentially switching your social group. Possibly, while working, a lot of social interactions came from the workplace. It could also be that you, or some of your friends, are deciding to relocate after retirement. No matter the situation, finding a new social group can be difficult. A retirement coach can help identify groups you can join where you can meet like-minded people, making the difficulties of finding new friends a bit easier.

Another article, titled Want to help someone retire well? Consider the gift of a ‘retirement coach’ brings another valid point to the table. How you are going to spend your retirement may seem simple at first and not knowing your plan for the future can be liberating. However, it gets difficult when you do not have a direction or even a vague idea of a direction. A retirement coach can help stimulate the thought process of deciding on what your ideal retirement is, including the small day-to-day activities in-between all the big plans.

If you are someone who has already taken the steps to prepare for a complete retirement, beyond just the financials, then maybe becoming a retirement coach could be an avenue you’d like to pursue. It could be a nice way to earn some extra income and help fellow retirees transition into their new lifestyle.

In the end, a retirement coach could be of assistance if you are struggling to find what to do after retirement, or even just need help getting a plan into action. It could be something you would like to consider taking up yourself. It is a relatively new idea, but people might become more familiar with the term in the near future. The big retirement picture is sometimes easy to see, but many of the little details to go into it can be overlooked. Getting some extra help could go a long way.

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