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The Opportunities Of The ‘Serial Retirements’ Trend

January 18, 2017

Baby boomers always had a great deal of influence in their world. Being such a large demographic, their actions and decisions can forever change an aspect of our society. They’ve done it with the education world, they’ve done it with the workforce, and now, as we’re starting to see, they’re changing retirement as well.

Last year, CBC News published an article in which they introduced the term ‘serial retirement’, which actually comes from Rosemary Venne, associate professor in the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. She coined the term to describe the trend among the boomer workforce, not to stay in their current job, but to retire and subsequently return to the workforce. She explains, “People retire from a career job, they will have a honeymoon period. They might take three months and think, ‘I’m enjoying this. This is what I want to do.’ And then I’m thinking about what I want my legacy to be.”

Boomerswork was started in part to address this trend and the opportunities it creates. As the above chart shows, there is a substantial market of boomers re-entering. Our services help boomers find the job that allows them the work-life balance they deserve. But the opportunities go beyond boomers. There is an increasing concern over what will happen to the workforce as the experienced boomers age, however, the solution for many businesses is right in front of them. Experts emphasize the importance of embracing this group of active boomers while they are still available to businesses.

Contrary to common criticism, boomers are not selfish, they simply enjoy working and staying busy. They are going to stay in the workforce for as long as they want, and in recognizing the value of their hard work and the opportunities that come from it, we all start to benefit.

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