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The Craze of FaceApp: Embracing Ageing

August 8, 2019

image source: vix.com

The faceapp trend in the last couple of weeks has given our youth-focused society a reason to look forward to ageing. The mobile application has an ageing filter that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and ages the picture by 50 years. Privacy concerns aside, faceapp is allowing young people to fantasize about ageing and what life would be like 20 to 50 years from now.

Forbes reports that Faceapp is playing a significant part in getting the younger generation to think more long term towards retirement years. The aged appearance you see on the app reflects the experiences and life changes a person has gone through and allows younger generations to gain comfort with their mortality.

Boomers who are already living through their retirement years are embracing ageing by committing to activities that could take up their leisure time. There is a lot to look forward to in retirement such as travelling, being in control of your time and discovering your passion. BoomersPlus is dedicated to giving boomers a sense of purpose by enabling them to contribute to their community through consulting, developing existing talents and leading organisations. There are plenty of glory years in retirement as one embraces the benefits of wisdom.

The hope is that the craze of the faceapp gives millennials and generation z a chance to ask themselves tough questions to help motivate them to think long term. Will I be ready for retirement? What are the options for retirement? Whether you are thinking ahead for retirement or already retired, there is no need to be nervous about what to do with your newfound time.

BoomersPlus allows boomers to share their wealth of experience by assisting organizations in volunteering, succession planning and even joining the workforce on a short term basis. BoomersPlus provides opportunities that give boomers control of their time.

Faceapp has brought about an opportunity to connect with your future self. Through the awareness it brings to ageing, we hope it guides the younger generation to make better life choices as they navigate through each act of their lives.

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