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Thanksgiving: A Time To Talk About Everything Including Finance

October 11, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time to eat mouth-watering meals and have a round table discussion about anything and everything including finances. Thanksgiving is a memorable holiday to both the old and young which presents an opportunity to share knowledge about managing personal finances.

Money can become a source of stress when it is not managed wisely. With consumer holidays like Black Friday and Christmas coming up, Thanksgiving can be a safe place to discuss how to make better financial decisions with a light heart whilst catching up with friends and family.

Personal finance can be a touchy subject — just like politics and religion — because people have different financial strategies that work for them. It does not mean the advice is wrong but simply there is no one size fits all approach. According to Northern River Financial, personal finance can be discussed during thanksgiving as long as one is sensitive to everyone in the room.

Personalise Story and Frame with Feelings

When a story is relatable it is easy to get the audience captivated. Explaining finance based on your experience and sharing what has worked for you allows you captivate your audience. Imposing your financial tips will only give people reason to be uptight and close-minded. Also, starting the conversation right away on finance is not the best way to approach the subject matter. Starting with pleasantries and conversation starters will create an atmosphere of ease once the subject of finance is brought up.

Use Non-Financial Terms

Using financial terms might be hard to grasp especially for people with a non-financial background. Using everyday language and example to explain terms like budgeting, accounting, investing is a much easier and efficient way to talk about personal finance.

Do Not Judge

Thanksgiving is a gathering of friends and family with both the old and young in the room. Engaging in a discussion about finance means people will have questions and thoughts on the subject matter. While receiving the thoughts and questions, do not be judgemental in your response. Be sure to point them to the right resources and if you have no answer to the question it is okay to say “I don’t know”. Being on the receiving end of the advice does not mean you have to take all the advice however it is important to not dismiss it either.

Whilst discussing money and finance matters in front of friends and family, be careful not to disclose numbers as it might lead to you being approached for financial help. Be sure to emphasize the sacrifice you have made to get to a point of financial freedom. Listen and contribute to personal finance with love while enjoying a memorable thanksgiving.

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