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Talent Trends in 2024 – Right talent, Right place, Right time

January 18, 2024

Talent Trends in 2024 – Right talent, Right place, Right time
by Kevin MacIntyre, CEO

I do a lot of reading on the gig economy, contingent workforce and the on demand talent marketplace and somewhere I read the line “The right talent, in the right place, at the right time”. I love this line and think it sums up the SeasonedPros.ca vision and the challenges that most of our clients face each year.

In an ideal world, you would have all the talent you need and it is just a question of deploying that talent across the organization. But that is not reality and more and more each year the pain of not having all the talent you need to achieve business objectives gets more challenging.

In recent years, the team at SeasonedPros.ca has seen a growing trend where companies increasingly use a combination of contract workers and full-time employees to meet their organizational goals.

Below are some of the trends we are seeing in the contingent workforce/on demand talent marketplace.

  • More organizations are starting to take a bigger picture view of how to access talent. This includes freelancers, contract employees, project specific subject matter experts and independent contractors. Our clients are telling us that due to ongoing full time talent shortages it is becoming necessary to leverage a contingent workforce.
  • Of the organizations that currently utilize a contingent workforce, a majority of them are expected to increase their contingent workforce expenditures over the next two years. In a recent HR.com research report on the contingent workforce, over 80% of organizations stated that they were going to significantly increase the utilization of contingent workers as a way to continue to achieve growth objectives.
  • Organizations that rely on a contingent workforce do so primarily to enhance their business agility and flexibility. This approach helps these organizations be more adaptable and responsive, key factors in achieving their growth objectives. By employing contingent workers, they can maintain this agility while also staying within their budget for talent costs.
  • Today, while organizations regularly plan for their full-time workforce needs, an increasing number are also strategizing specifically for their contingent workforce requirements. As organizations shift their focus towards identifying necessary project skillsets and desired outcomes, rather than on managing headcount, the simultaneous management of both full-time and contingent workforces will become a standard practice.

Leveraging a full time and a contingent workforce plan will enable organizations to access the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

These are some of the talent trends that we see becoming more prevalent in 2024… tell us what you think and what trends you are seeing when it comes to talent management and acquisition.

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