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fast hiring May 18, 2023

Speed up hiring with the on-demand model

May 19, 2023

On-demand talent is faster, cost-effective and more flexible

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  • Hiring cycles don’t have to be long
  • On-demand talent is ready to roll
  • Fast hiring reduces recruitment costs
  • Agencies specialize in fast-hiring

It has been said that time is money. 

And nowhere in business is this more true than in the search for talent.

In an economic environment of talent shortages, technological advancement and rapidly changing market cycles, finding the right people at the right time is a matter of urgency. 

Hiring cycles getting longer

Despite this, the time it takes to make a full-time hire is getting longer. 

Depending on the industry and the role, hiring can take anywhere from 12-16 months to hire a full-time executive. 

This cycle can be expensive as projects pile up and product launches are delayed as positions remain vacant. The ROI on the talent search dwindles. 

Hiring doesn’t have to take months 

The good news is that there are ways to speed up the hiring process.

With the right strategies in place, it can take two weeks to find a business executive or subject matter expert.

So what is the secret to fast hiring? On-demand talent. 

This approach taps into a pool of talent and expertise that is already available on the contract market. 

Candidates can be C-suite executives or specialists in operations, HR, finance, marketing, and project management.

Faster hiring is cost-efficient

Using the on-demand model increases the ROI on recruitment in a number of ways. 

It condenses the time spent searching for candidates. It also reduces the cost of hiring full-time because on-demand talent can be deployed part-time or on a project basis.

Contract workers are experienced and come to the position ready to roll and require minimal onboarding.

This model also reduces the costs of empty seats in the office. The longer it takes to fill key roles, the more delayed an organization is in meeting its goals. 

With a faster hire, a company can focus resources on growth.

Fast hiring brings flexibility and innovation

Fast on-demand talent can help a company pivot more quickly if market conditions change and new talent is required.

The COVID-19 pandemic was an example of this. Suddenly companies had to adapt to remote working and many had to create e-commerce systems.

The outside knowledge that comes with the on-demand fast hiring model also brings new energy and ideas on operations, finance and marketing.

When market conditions and priorities shift, it is easier to let a contractor go with lower severance costs.

On-demand talent agencies specialize in fast hiring

Agencies that specialize in on-demand talent can speed up hiring and reduce the costs of traditional recruitment.

They curate databases of contract talent and conduct the initial search and filtering of candidates. 

For a business with talent needs in a rapidly changing market, this is another solution to keep projects rolling and achieve growth.

SeasonedPros.ca is an on-demand business talent source. Clients with an immediate need for experienced talent trust us to source professionals for fractional, interim and part-time roles. Each professional in our national database has 20 + years of business experience. We provide our clients 2-4 four vetted professionals in 10 business days or less.

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