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1. SJ region chamber of commerce March 15, 2023

Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce partners with SeasonedPros.ca

March 14, 2023

Seasonedpros.ca brings new talent model to Saint John Chamber members

Halifax, NS, – Seasonedpros.ca, the on-demand talent agency that connects organizations with experienced business professionals for part-time, project or interim roles, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce to supply its members with the right talent.

This is the first partnership between Seasonedpros.ca and a Chamber of Commerce organization in Canada.

“We are excited to help businesses in the Saint John area to fill talent gaps with experienced professionals who want to work in fractional roles or on a project-by-project basis,” said Chuck Hartlen, CEO of Seasonedpros.ca. “We can help Saint John Chamber members source experienced business talent to fill gaps to help companies grow, innovate and keep projects on track.”

The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce said its members have been telling them that they need the right talent to grow their organizations.

“Growth is vital for a strong economy, and it is becoming more and more challenging to find the right people,” said David Duplisea, CEO of the Chamber. “In order to help our members, we are excited to announce this new partnership offering a unique solution to help address labour market needs.”

SeasonedPros.ca has recognized that many businesses face challenges because of shifting demographics and a tight labour market. 

They offer clients a reliable pipeline of on-demand experienced business professionals. This is a very cost-effective way of sourcing experienced talent fast, in 10 business days or less.   

As part of this partnership, Chamber members will receive a special discounted rate for SeasonedPro services.

For more information:
 The Chamber, David Duplisea, dduplkisea@thechambersj.com  506-634-4157


SeasonedPros.ca, Kevin MacIntyre, kevin@seasonedpros.ca 1-800-830-1249

SeasonedPros.ca is an on-demand business talent source. Clients with an immediate need for experienced talent trust us to source professionals for project, interim and part-time roles. Each professional in our national database has more than 20 years of business experience. We provide our clients with 2-4 vetted professionals in 10 business days or less.organi

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