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Ranking NHL Ticket Prices Most Expensive To Cheapest

November 29, 2016

Still looking for the perfect gift for someone on your list? Well, a guaranteed winner for just about any Canadian is some tickets to a NHL game. We’re all thrilled that the hockey season is in full swing and we can once again enjoy the thrill of the game from the comforts of our own home, yet nothing quite compares to being there live.

Now, I won’t lie to you, this wouldn’t be a cheap gift. Hockey tickets can really get up there in price, but just in case you’re really trying to impress someone on your list, here’s a guide to the NHL’s average ticket prices, starting at the more outlandish ones, and working down to some more reasonable options. These prices reflect the average prices at the beginning of this season. You could likely find cheaper seats if you don’t mind the nose-bleed section, or if you want to get down to ice level, expect those prices to rise.

Toronto Maple Leafs ($377.71; down 15.36% over 3 years)

New York Rangers ($317.75; up 41.90% over 3 years)                                               

Chicago Blackhawks ($297.27; up 6.32% over 3 years)                                         

Montreal Canadiens ($232.21; up 5.82% over 3 years)    

Edmonton Oilers ($207.27; down 36.87% over 3 years)                                            

Calgary Flames ($186.45; down 29.62% over 3 years)                                                 

Boston Bruins ($177.98; down 20.08% over 3 years)                             

Minnesota Wild ($168.85; down 18.96% over 3 years)     

Dallas Stars ($168.85; up 25.78% over 3 years)

Los Angeles Kings ($167.92; up 14.10% over 3 years)

Winnipeg Jets ($161.75;  down 35.98% over 3 years)                                                      

Colorado Avalanche ($159.19; up 35.91% over 3 years)                                            

Ottawa Senators ($153.51; down 19.24% over 3 years)                                                  

Pittsburgh Penguins ($149.42; down 35.20% over 3 years)                                            

Washington Capitals ($144.87; up 9.84% over 3 years)                                           

Nashville Predators ($144.59; up 40.19% over 3 years)                                            

Buffalo Sabres ($136.89; down 0.88% over 3 years)                                                       

Detroit Red Wings ($133.87; down 6.15% over 3 years)                                             

Vancouver Canucks ($130.62; down 55.95% over 3 years)                                             

New York Islanders ($119.66; up 41.90% over 3 years)                                             

St. Louis Blues ($115.19; down 13.14% over 3 years)                                                        

Columbus Blue Jackets ($111.54; up 10.61% over 3 years)                                     

Philadelphia Flyers ($107.44; down 33.71% over 3 years)                                        

Tampa Bay Lightning ($106.53; down 10.31% over 3 years)                                          

New Jersey Devils ($104.93; down 42.95% over 3 years)                                               

San Jose Sharks ($102.95; down 23.10% over 3 years)                                                   

Carolina Hurricanes ($101.31; up 63.19% over 3 years)                                               

Arizona Coyotes ($98.20; up 8.80% over 3 years)

Florida Panthers ($95.14; up 1.99% over 3 years) 

Anaheim Ducks ($89.09; down 14.53% over 3 years) 

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