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Looking At The Complexities Of Housing For Seniors

June 22, 2017

Welcome to Encore, brought to you by BoomersPlus! On this weekly show, hosted by Costas Halavrezos, we examine the world of the baby boomers through a variety of exciting avenues. We are joined each week by an expert guest to discuss their field and how it relates to the audience of the boomers.


One of the most important decisions facing recent retirees and seniors concerns housing. When is it time to downsize? What are the options? And how long will you next decision on housing be a good decision? Our guest today spent seven years investigating this issue. Dr. Don Shiner, associate professor of marketing at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, is also the principle investigator with the Atlantic Senior Housing Alliance. In a seven year study, the alliance looked at how the aging baby boomers make decisions about major purchases, such as housing. The $1.2 million project surveyed more than 1,700 seniors and completed 15 targeted focus groups.

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