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Learning Has No Age Limit

December 6, 2019

Young adults dream of having free time to do whatever they want. Then retirement comes knocking and it’s time to start thinking about how to fill all of the spare time that will soon be available. Retirement presents an opportunity to learn, un-learn and re-learn.

The willingness to learn at an older age, especially enrolling to pursue a degree in an educational institution, usually raises an eyebrow from the younger generation. The question is usually “why now?” “isn’t it too late?”. The younger generation often believes being older is an excuse to not learn something new. Canada is surrounded by great institutions and an ageing population so if it is your dream to go back to school, it is never too late.

This learning process involves being surrounded by like-minded individuals in a particular setting. With learning comes an opportunity to develop yourself and socialize. Being in the same classroom with fellow Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and possibly Generation Z, will create room for conversations that will yield inter-generational knowledge transfer.

Learning is not only confined to educational institutions. Another way to learn at a much older age is by enrolling for online courses, attending seminars or listening to an audiobook. These learning approaches give the flexibility to learn at your own pace, stimulate mental curiosity and maintain a lifestyle of learning

Learning gives room for one to develop existing skills and be a better version of themselves. Just by upskilling, you can qualify for part-time roles with BoomersPlus. Not sure exactly what you want to learn about? Hint: Employers who partner with us are often looking for experienced professionals who specialize in start-ups, project management, fund development, business, finance, operations and mentorships.

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