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How You Can Still Have Fun While Travelling Alone

May 29, 2018

Despite all the ways we’ve presented solo travel as an unforgettable experience, perhaps you’re still not convinced. And maybe that’s because we have yet to directly address one of the main reasons people avoid travelling alone – they don’t think they can have fun by themselves.

There are many people who still have not discovered the great joys of “me time”. There’s certainly nothing wrong with spending time with other people, and I’m not suggesting you’re better off becoming a hermit. But it’s worth discovering how much fun you can have when your only company is yourself. The last thing a solo trip will be is boring so if you’re still on the fence here’s how you can have fun travelling just on your own.

Embrace the culture.

Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough in the past to visit countries and experience cultures that are completely different from your own. It is maybe the best thing about having the opportunities to travel. When you travel on your own, there is even more opportunity to become immersed in the culture you’re visiting and experience it in a way you might never have before. Even when experiencing a new culture with others, having others around you can sometimes leave you a little closed off from the experience. When by yourself, you’re more open and exposed to the moment you’re in. You can let it all sink in as you learn new things.. It can be a a very powerful experience to live in a new culture like this even for only a short time and will keep you exploring the whole trip.

Meet people.

Learning some of the language of the country you’re visiting is a great tip for any solo traveller. Not only is it always cool to add a new language to the repertoire, but it can also help you meet other people on your journey. Just because you’re embarking on this by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Getting to know local people can open up a whole lot of amazing experiences you might have missed otherwise. Even if you just share a meal with some new friends, it can by one more great memory you go home with. Enjoy your independence but be open to sharing your adventure with others.

Make a routine.

You might look at this tip and think it’s the last thing you want to do. On vacations, especially when travelling alone, you want to embrace the freedom of having no schedule and being able to live moment to moment. While that’s true, you might be underestimating how fun it can be to add a few regular daily activities to your trip. It might be the perfect breakfast spot you return to everyday, a café to read a good book, a beach where you can relax in the afternoon and a nice spot you can grab a cocktail at night. Doesn’t sound like a bad routine to get into, does it? Finding these things you love and help structure your days can really help you feel like you’ve made yourself at home while enjoying the getaway.

Don’t think “Is it weird to do that alone?”

One of the biggest hurdles to get over in order to enjoy your solo trip is not feeling self-conscious about doing things by yourself. It’s true that it can feel a bit awkward to sit down by yourself to eat in a restaurant, but why should you feel weird about it? You’re not going to run into anyone you know. You’re not the first person to dine alone. So why not have fun and enjoy the experience. That goes for any aspect of the trip. Don’t avoid something fun because you’re worried about looking silly by yourself. Put that thinking out of your mind and just focusing on enjoying every moment of your trip.

Don’t be a tourist if you don’t want to be.

As we’ve looked at, the freedom of a solo trip is something that should be taken advantage of. This is not a typical vacation – it’s one that you get to shape just for yourself. So don’t feel obligated to follow the tried-and-true tourist guide. Some people love visiting the famous landmarks and whatnot, which is great, but that doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes. Forge your own path and pursue only what interests you. You might not come back with the usual photos but at least you’ll come back with memories of a good time!

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