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How To Travel Your Way On Encore By Boomerswork.com

October 8, 2015

Check out the latest episode on Encore by Boomerswork on 105.9 Seaside FM hosted by Costas Halavrezos!

After finally deciding to retire, many take the opportunity to travel more frequently. With more time on their hands and after working most of their lives, retirees like to explore parts of the world they’ve never visited, or maybe just relax on in a nice warm location. But everyone has different interests and different expectations for their travelling. To ensure you have the getaway you wanted, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to an expert.

This week’s guest is Blair Jerrett, Senior Director of Marketing for Maritime Travel. He’ll join Costas to offers his advice and why seeking out a travel agent could make all the difference in for your next vacation. He’ll discuss what to consider before choosing a destination, the valuable information an agent can provide, and how you can find those dream deals.

Enjoy the show and be sure to join us for the latest episode of Encore by  Boomerswork.

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