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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy As You Age

July 25, 2017

Most of us have come to grips with the fact that as we age, we have to take special care of ourselves. We cut certain things out of our diet to help ensure we keep a strong and healthy heart. We exercise differently to ensure our muscles and joints are protected from injury. We visit our doctor more often to monitor our health closely. But are there still aspects of a healthy lifestyle you neglect to care for as you age? Perhaps, for instance, your dental health?

Like your eyes and your ears, your health and oral health is put at more risk the older you get and requires a lot more attention be paid to it in order to keep everything on the up and up. So if you’re worried about maintain health teeth, here are some tips to follow as your age.

Keep brushing.

Since we were old enough to hold a toothbrush in our hands we have had it hammered into us the importance of brushing our teeth. And that wasn’t just lip service. Brushing regularly is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to keep your teeth healthy. While certainly not the solution to all your dental hygiene needs, it is a very important part. If boomers want to avoid getting dentures or want to protect themselves against oral-related diseases, then they better ensure they are brushing thoroughly at least twice a day.

Be aware of the risks.

As we age, we are put at more at risk for various ailments, conditions and health issues. The best way to protect yourself is by knowing the risks. The same is true when dealing with your oral health. Educate yourself on the typical problems people you age tend to have with their oral health. This could be something as simple as being aware of bad breath due to poor hygiene, or more serious problems like gum disease. Knowing the problems you are facing makes it easier to identify them, and more importantly, help to prevent them before they become a problem.

Check your mouth regularly.

Once you know the health problems your mouth is at risk for, you can be more effective in watching out for them. It is a good idea to give your mouth a regular and thorough inspection so you can catch problems earlier and have a better chance of dealing with them before they become serious. This includes checking for bleeding or the gums receding. These could be indications of bigger problems which can get quite serious if left unaddressed for too long, so it is good to find these problems as early as possible.

Speak to your dentist often.

They said your doctor’s visits should get more frequent as you age and the same is certainly true for your dentist. Now, not many of us like going to the dentist. It can be an uncomfortable, sometimes painful, undertaking but there is a reason why they are so important. Dentists are able to detect problems with your oral health far more effectively than you’ll ever be able to on your own. Regular visits increase the likelihood that they’ll be able to spot and prevent any problems that might occur. So face you fear and make the dentist your friend. You mouth will thank you for it.

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