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How Employers Benefit From Hiring Boomer Professionals

February 11, 2016

The labour force is changing. It’s been talked about for quite a while how the boomer generation is growing older and reaching the age of retirement. Many are preparing for the day where the boomers are no longer a big part of the work force, but that day may be a ways off.

Inc.com released an article exploring the coming “boomer shift”. They noted that in the United States, by the year 2020, the boomer generation will make up roughly 43 per cent of the work force. Similar statistics will apply to the Canadian work force. And while the majority of boomers are willing to continue working, a minority of them will actually find work. Why the discrepancy?

Likely, it’s an employers problem.

Simply put, employers are not taking advantage of this massive group. Perhaps out of concern that they will retire too quickly, or the assumption that they are too expensive, employers are reluctant to hire older professionals.

It’s a problem that employers will have to remedy before long. To ignore such a large and experienced group would be a colossal mistake. So how can employers learn to benefit from hiring experienced professionals? By keeping three key things in mind:

  • Acknowledge and use their experience. Some employers may have reservations of hiring experienced job seekers because of how it may affect their own status. Don’t be afraid of being overshadowed. Use their experience to learn more, while putting them to work. Experience is too precious a thing to ignore.
  • Give them facetime with customers/clients. Why do boomers want to keep working? For most, it’s less of a financial drive and more of a desire to remain engaged. Allow them to stay engaged and that can be their motivator and keep them working for longer.
  • Team them up with younger employees. Again, experience cannot be ignored. Pairing older employees with younger employees allows learning experiences on both sides. Create a community of teamwork while bettering your employees.

Employers will soon need to come to the realization that they are missing out on opportunities to improve their businesses. Services like Boomerswork.com recognize the importance of experience and work hard to put that experience to work. If you are looking for qualified professionals for you positions, let experience work for you.

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