From Pia’s Desk

By Pia Gant

Director Client, Community Services,


It never ceases to amaze me how many talented professionals have registered with in the past and continue to daily. One of my regular duties is to review all new registrants. 


These Seasoned Professionals come from a variety of industries and possess several years of experience and skills in many areas. They are senior managers, executives, project managers and consultants in finance, government, non-profit, entrepreneurship, human resources, supply chain and marketing, to name a few.

I am also heavily involved in connecting our Seasoned Pros with work, advisory and mentoring opportunities.


Extensive database searches for best fits

Our sophisticated search engine scours through the profiles and resumes in our database of professionals, selecting potential candidates based on the position requirements. Our team then individually reviews each of these potential candidates and contacts those that seem to be the best fit. 

While reviewing these candidates, again I am reminded of the extreme talent and varied experience that our Seasoned Pros bring to the table. It’s an honour for me to represent them.

For clients looking to hire business talent to fill contract, project and part-time roles, should be their first choice.

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