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From Heather’s desk

September 14, 2022

SeasonedPros.ca helps you source executive and management talent within 10 days 

By Heather MacGregor, SeasonedPros.ca Sales Manager

In the ever-changing world of staffing, business owners are facing new challenges and hurdles as they navigate through one of the largest labour shortages of our time.

In today’s competitive labour market, highly skilled executive and management level candidates are becoming harder to find.

Recruitment professionals help bridge the gap

Companies are turning to recruitment firms to source top talent.  When filling executive-level positions, recruitment professionals can help find the right candidates for critical roles within the organization. The challenge business owners face is the time and cost of filling executive and management roles.

SeasonedPros.ca recognizes that organizations need to fill talent gaps in a timely manner. This is why we pride ourselves on our ability to place skilled Seasoned professionals on an interim basis within 10 business days.

This speed reduces disruption and makes important talent transitions as seamless as possible

Please reach out to me if you have an immediate need for interim talent.

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