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Cinema Nostalgia: A Christmas Story

December 16, 2015

Cinema Nostalgia is a feature in which we look back on some of the great films of the past. Some may be all-time classics, others might be underrated gems. Each and everyone of them are great examples of why we love movies.

Today we look at the underrated holiday gem, A Christmas Story. 

A Christmas Story came out in 1983, but is actually set in the post-depression era of the 1940s. It, surprisingly, came from the mind of Bob Clark, who was responsible for the Canadian “classic” Porky’s. Unlike that film, this is an entirely wholesome story of a boy and his pursuit of a seemingly unobtainable gift. There’s not a lot to it but it’s an exceedingly charming and clever look into the mind of child during one of the most exciting times of the year. And it’s there where the real pleasure of A Christmas Story comes through. It has a great ability to transport us back to a time to which we can all relate.

Despite the time period, all can sympathize with the struggles young Ralphie faces throughout the movie. We’re reminded of our high school bullies, like this film’s cruel and vicious Scut Farkus. And we’ve all had that moment when we realize the mall Santa Clause was a little less charming than the real deal. We’ve all been double-dog-dared into some crazy things, like the infamous tongue-on-the-flag-pole scene. And of course we can remember some coveted Christmas gift that our parents told us was too dangerous, like the official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

So revisit the classic this holiday season. It’s a great story for all ages and still holds up extremely well even today. Enjoy it and enjoy your holidays!

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