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CEED and BoomersPlus.com launch Mentorship Project

December 20, 2019

For Immediate Release:
December 10, 2019 

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) and BoomersPlus.com have partnered to develop a network of mentors to support the start-up ecosystem.  BoomersPlus’ database of several thousands of seasoned professionals who have had successful careers and want to give back by providing new start-up companies access to their wisdom and experiences. CEED has developed a training program that focuses on the key activities, methodologies and tools to better understand the purpose and goals of mentoring. The program prepares mentors to enter a mentoring partnership with clarity, confidence and inspiration – to commit to being and becoming an excellent mentor. “We are excited to be working with BoomersPlus to develop a robust mentorship program. Mentoring is a proven means to create success in entrepreneurial endeavors. 70 percent of mentored businesses survive more than five years, double the rate for non-mentored small businesses over that same period. The different perspective of a mentor can provide insight and help to find weaknesses in a business model that the entrepreneur has become too attached to, offering up constructive feedback and potential keys to success,“ says Craig MacMullin, President & CEO of CEED.

CEED and BoomersPlus.com will cooperate in the development and execution of programming that leverages the respective core capabilities of both organizations and enhances the participation of BoomersPlus candidates in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem of Nova Scotia while strengthening CEED’s ability to serve the start-up and scaling enterprise. BoomersPlus will initially provide CEED a list of Mentors for their two start-up programs, that will undergo CEED’s mentor training program. “Our Boomers have all had successful careers and want to reengage by sharing their wisdom and experiences with start-ups. This is the type of partnership that helps more new entrepreneurs start businesses which drive economic growth. We are excited to be a part of this partnership,” says Rick Emberley, Founder of BoomersPlus.

CEED and BoomersPlus are currently conducting two pilot programs of the new mentorship initiative.  Mentors from the CEED-BoomersPlus partnership are currently being utilized in CEED’s Above The Median Seniors Entrepreneurship program which was supported by the NS Department of Seniors.  Simultaneously, the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education is piloting the mentorship program with the Self-Employment program with entrepreneurs from CEED and CBDC Bluewater. 

For More Information please contact:

Kevin MacIntyre
Director of Corporate Development

Craig MacMullin
President and CEO

About CEED

CEED is Nova Scotia’s premiere resource for business support, delivering innovative programs and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. CEED’s broad mandate encompasses social and economic principles, working towards a vision of a vibrant and entrepreneurial Nova Scotia.

About BoomersPlus.com

BoomersPlus connects seasoned professionals with opportunities – from part-time, interim, to full-time employment contracts and volunteering(mentoring, advisory boards etc) – that fit their lifestyle, reducing time to hire and cost to hire for employers looking to access a hidden talent pool of wisdom and experienced talent.

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