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Canada 150 Celebrations From Across The Country

July 4, 2017

How did you enjoy the Canada 150 celebrations?

It was a long way to get there, and while this incredible milestone provided our Canadians as a whole to reflect on some of the issues that are still very much present within our country, it was also a wonderful way for Canadians everywhere to come together in celebration.

July 1st saw a lot of different celebrations all over Canada. Some were big spectacles with special guests, others were smaller, more intimate affairs. Some looked back on the history of the country, others looked forward to what we can accomplish in the future. Some were celebrations of Canada as a whole, others were welcoming new Canadians to our land. With the help of CTV’s coverage of the day, let’s take a look at some standout celebrations from Canada 150.


Let’s start with the biggest celebration which, not surprising, took place in our nation’s capital. Tens of thousands of Canadians made their way to Parliament Hill for a day-long celebration. Among the many people on hand to celebrate was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who spoke to the crowd to commemorate the historic day. The crowds also heard from Prince Charles who was in attendance with his wife, Camilla. The celebrations continued with a concert, featuring a number of great Canadian performers. And of course, the whole thing concluded with a massive firework show.


Nothing can keep Newfoundlanders from having a good time. Certainly not a lack of sleep and certainly not a little rain. That is what a group of proud Canadians gladly endured to make their Canada 150 celebrations as memorable as possible. In the early hours of July 1st, a group of 75 revelers set out on a quick cruise to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic to mark the beginning of Canada’s birthday.


Calgarians also got off to an early start with the Canada 150 celebrations as they gathered in Confederation Park for a pancake breakfast. Following that, the city celebrated the historic day by opening a time capsule that was established 50 years early with the opening of the park. The capsule contained newspapers and historical documents of the day, as well as special commemorative items for Canada’s, then, 100th anniversary. The city also made an attempt at the world record for living Canadian flag with 3,100 people participating, but Winnipeg still holds the record on that one.


Heading to the Maritimes, Nova Scotia’s large Mi’kmaq population marked the day in their own special way. There has been a lot of talk leading up to Canada 150 regarding our nation’s complicated and sometimes dark history with its Native citizens. Protests were help in several cities acorss the country to highlight these issues, but the Mi’kmaq people of Nova Scotia took time to celebrate their own preservation of culture and survival of many hardships. Halifax also saw a very special celebration at Pier 21’s Canadian Museum of Immigration where 53 people from 11 different countries got to celebrate becoming Canadian citizens.


The Island certainly had a lot of reasons to get in on the Canada 150 festivities as Charlottetown is the birthplace of Confederation. However, instead of looking back at our rich history as some of the provinces chose to do, they decided to look to the future. Reversing Calgary’s celebration, the Islanders buried a time capsule to be opened in 150 years at Canada’s 300th anniversary. Participants filled the capsule with hopes of what Canada would become by 2167.


And finally, stopping off in the West Coast, the people of Vancouver really let their flags fly. In an immense showing of national pride, as a massive Canadian flag measuring a whopping 140 meters by 70 meters was unveiled across Stanley Park.

Well done, Canada. You didn’t disappoint in showing the rest of the world how much we love our country.

How did you celebrate Canada 150?

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