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Behind the Scenes: Connecting Seasoned Professionals to Fractional Opportunities

October 18, 2023

A Look at our Client Services

by Pia Gant, Director, Client and Community Services

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at SeasonedPros.ca? Our Client Service department is the vital link between skilled professionals and organizations seeking expertise. Our success hinges on understanding the needs of both clients and professionals, ensuring fast and well-suited matches.

Our Commitment: Fast and Quality Matches

We guarantee 2-4 qualified, vetted candidates within 10 business days to our clients. We can deliver on this promise due to the vast experience and flexibility our Seasoned Pros are known for.

The Matching Process: A Deliberate Endeavor

Upon gathering all pertinent information regarding our client’s needs, we search through our talent lineup, reaching out to Seasoned Pros possessing the required skills and experience. Our conversations with interested and available professionals helps us determine the compatibility between them and the prospective client. Selected professionals are then provided with the client’s identity, enabling them to research the organization and evaluate the cultural and professional fit.

Client Engagement: A Step Towards Final Selection

We forward 2-4 vetted candidates to the client, accompanied by their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and any other requisite information. The client is requested to notify us within five business days with the candidates they wish to engage further. Our model thrives on speed and efficiency, understanding that our Seasoned Pros could receive other offers in the meantime. We want to ensure the client doesn’t lose out on the perfect candidate due to alternate offers.

Transition to Client Interviews

After the client has selected their preferred candidates, those candidates are introduced to the client via email, transitioning to the stage of full interviews. We take a step back at this point, but our support remains accessible to both parties whenever necessary. Hiring formalities, including reference checks and contract negotiations, are managed between the client and candidate, with our assistance if needed.

Ensuring Swift Onboarding

Our objective extends to having the selected candidate on board and ready to contribute within a few weeks, allowing a win-win scenario where the Seasoned Pro seamlessly integrates and starts adding value to the organization from day one.

Continuous Improvement: A Feedback-Driven Approach

Our process doesn’t end with placements. We engage in feedback sessions with both the hired professionals and the client, ensuring lasting relationships and continuous improvement to our services.

Beyond Placements: Cultivating Partnerships

At Seasoned Pros, we extend beyond mere placements. We foster enduring partnerships. It’s a journey of understanding, communication, and dedication. We strive to fulfill the needs of both Seasoned Pros and of businesses, ensuring both find the perfect match.

SeasonedPros.ca is an on-demand business talent source. Clients with an immediate need for experienced talent trust us to source professionals for fractional, interim and part-time roles. Each professional in our national database has 15+ years of business experience. We provide our clients 2-4 four vetted professionals in 10 business days or less.

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