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An Opportunity To Remember

November 11, 2018

We remember…

This weekend, Canadians from across the country will take the time to look back and remember all those brave men and women who served and gave their lives.

It might seem like a small gesture to make. Certainly, all those in Canada’s armed forces, past and present, deserve more than one day a year to be honoured. Maybe it seems wrong that we pass even a single day without thinking of the sacrifices given by so many fellow Canadians over the years. However, it may be because of those sacrifices that we are able to live our daily lives without those thoughts. There are places around the world where the fight for freedom is ongoing. There are families who know all too well the sacrifices given by those who have served. Many of us can live our lives without being confronted with those realities. For that, we take this day to remember how we are able to be so lucky.

Remembrance Day is not just a way to honour those who have served and those who have died for our country. It is an opportunity for all Canadians. This is our chance to let those brave men and women feel our country’s gratitude. This is when we take the time to remember our family members who have served. This is when we salute those strangers who gave their lives. This is when we thank our fellow Canadians for their service.

In the end, it may not seem like much, but the important thing is, we take the opportunity. Go to a local Remembrance Day service near you, or just take the time to reflect. Afterwards, your life may continue on as normal but today is when we remember why we are so lucky to have those ordinary days. 


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