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9 Fun Ways To Embrace Your Free Time

December 29, 2018

Don’t let your time go to waster — use it to its full potential.

Your free time is valuable and hard-earned, but it can also be difficult deciding what to do with it all. Sometimes lack of inspiration causes you to become bored with those precious hours you have to yourself. To ensure this never happens to you, take a look at some fun and exciting ways to embrace your free time.

Start a hobby.

There are always new passions waiting to be discovered. Fall in love with a new hobby and you’ll never have to look for anything else to pass the time. And if you can’t think of a good hobby to explore, check out a few of our suggestions.

Finish a project.

Starting something is exciting. Finishing something is satisfying. Dust off some of those old, forgotten projects that you’ve been meaning to return to. Spend some time completing a task and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Write something.

No, an email doesn’t count. Take some time to sit down and write something of your own. It could be a poem, a short story, or it could be the beginnings of something bigger. Not enough of us make the effort to embrace our creative writing side and discover what stories we have to tell.

Rediscover old passions.

When work and other responsibilities preoccupy us, sometimes we forget how we used to spend our free time. It can be very rewarding to revisit those activities and hobbies we loved before and see if that passion is still there.

Get active.

You’re never wrong to choose exercise as a pastime. It might not always be the most appealing choice, but the feeling you get after you’ve put in all the effort you have is reward enough. Whether light exercise or a full-on workout, you are putting your time to good use.

Learn something new.


Educating yourself, while rewarding, is also not a way many people would love to spend their time-off. But if you dedicate your learning to something you have a genuine interest in then it can be very engaging. Find a subject you’re curious about and dive in deep.

Meet people.


Being social is very important to one’s wellness. And spending your time making new connections, getting to know strangers and possibly forming real relationships are not things you’ll regret.


Aside from meeting new people, it’s also nice to spend some time reconnecting with your loved ones. Again, the demands of everyday life sometimes stop us from getting the quality time we want. Take advantage of whatever time you have by spending it with your favourite people.

Enjoy nature.

Get outside, breath some fresh air and take a look at the wide-open world around you. You’ll want to make it a habit.

How do you like spending your free time?


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