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8 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

May 25, 2016

As we get older, the inescapable truth is that certain thing will become more difficult. One of the more common changes with aging is our eyesight, not too many people can reach their golden years with perfect vision– but that’s just a part of the aging process and nothing to fret over. But just because it may happen some day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take measures to keep them healthy today.

Taking precautions and using a few proven methods can help ensure your eyes will stay healthy longer and perhaps help to prevent more serious eye problems down the road. Take a look at some of these tips for keeping your eyesight healthy and strong, including diets, things to avoid and, of course, professional medical consultation.

Know if you’re susceptible.

Like many other medical issues, your medical history plays an important role. Talk to your doctor to find out if you are more prone to having eye problems. Such factors include, your age, other medical conditions, family history, or your lifestyle. Knowing ahead of time can help you prepare, prevent and address any problems.

Get regular check-ups.

When you get older, your heart is more at risk for issues, so you have it checked regularly by your doctor. The same goes for your eyes and you need to have them assessed on a regular basis. Doctors can catch early signs of issues and advise you on how to deal with them.

Change your eye contacts regularly.

Eye contacts are very helpful for those with imperfect eyesight, but those individuals need to use them responsibly and carefully. Eye contact cases have been known to cause a lot of problems to those who wear the lenses as bacteria can easily build up in them. It is recommended you replace your contact lenses every two months to keep things clean.

Get on the right diet.

We were all told as children that carrots help your eyesight. That actually happens to be true. But there are other foods with helpful vitamin and nutrients that can benefit you as well. Such snacks include leafy green, salmon, and eggs.

Quite those bad habits.

The healthiness of your eyesight is very much related to your general health. Therefore, avoiding those typical bad habits will help ensure your eyes stay healthy. Smoking has been known to be quite detrimental for eyesight. One more reason to quit!

Take a break from the computer screens.

Common sense will tell you that staring at a computer screen all day is not good for your eyes. For most of us, staring at a computer screen is a large part of our job. But you do need to give your eyes a break (a few moments every 20 minutes) to avoid potential damage.

Exercise, of course.

Again, healthy body equals healthy eyes. Regular exercise has been proven to keep your eyesight strong. Daily cardio is a great way to keep every aspect fit.

Protect you eyes from sunlight.

Sunlight can be very damaging to your eyes, but thankfully there is an easy way to stay protected. Wear your sunglasses at all times when outdoor on the sunny days. It is especially important now that we’re into the summer months and the UV is stronger.

Know the red flags.

Identifying the warning signs of deteriorating vision is a good way to catch it early and hopefully prevent any further damage.

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