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8 Asian Destinations Worth Travelling To In 2018

January 16, 2018

Now that 2018 is up and running, it’s only right that we all start thinking about our 2018 vacations. The start of a new year is the perfect time to dream of all the new and favourite places you’ll get to visit in the next 12 months. After looking at the many European destinations to visit, now it’s time to explore what Asia has to offer. Again, there is no way to highlight all the amazing and beautiful vacation spots in such a large continent, so we’ve narrowed it down to only a few of the most popular and loved Asian getaways. Which one will you be visiting first?

Bali, Indonesia

Though it might seem like a case of overpraising, the word “paradise” is thrown around a lot by those who have visited Bali. In the cold Canadian January, it’s hard not to fantasize of white sandy beaches in the sun with refreshing tropical water stretched out in front of you. And that’s just where Bali is getting started. Renowned for its diving excursions that allow you to explore beautiful coral reefs and sunken WWII war ships, this Indonesian getaway will be an adventure to remember. And moving beyond the water, you can seek out culture in Ubud, head to one of many yoga and wellness retreats to relax your mind, or explore the jungles.

Goa, India

Though small in size, Goa is bursting with fun and adventure to offer. Big in the tourist business, the city is ready to cater to its many visitors with a blending of its native Indian culture with the Portuguese culture still strong in the area. The lively nightlife will entertain those active travellers, the beaches will call to those looking for sun and relaxation, while the more off-the-beaten path vacationers will be able to escape the bustle and find those hidden gems.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam has slowly become a must-see vacation destination over the years thanks to its intoxicating culture, beautiful beaches and amazing hiking opportunities. The city is very much alive and the sheer movement of everything can be intimidating at first, but that will quickly melt away after exploring the markets where you can find authentic Vietnamese items, enjoying the wonderful cuisine and exploring the beauty surrounding you.

Kathmandu, Nepal

While relaxing on beaches and eating delicious local food is certainly not the wrong way to go for your vacation, sometimes you want something a little different. Sometimes when you visit a new place, you just want to explore a world completely different from your own. Kathmandu will certainly scratch that particular itch. The history of this city might just be its greatest draw with ancient temples, including the famed Monkey Temple, and old villages giving the feel that you are really visiting a truly unique place in the world. It feels like a privilege to spend time here.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This Malaysian capital is that classic case of old meeting new in the most intriguing way. Certainly, if you’re looking to get a glimpse of the fascinating culture of the place, you’ll have no trouble finding it. Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the oldest Buddhist temples in the area. Juxtaposed to that is the stunning and prominent modern skyline with breathtaking skyscrapers, highlighted by the world-famous 88-story Petronas Twin Towers.

Phuket, Thailand

The colourful beauty of Phuket is something that needs to be seen to be believed and that’s just where the fun of this place begins. Getting away from the more intimidating areas of Thailand, this relaxing oasis is a beloved vacation spot thanks to its many and beautiful beaches, some of which are popular and others where you can find some peace and quiet. Of course, beyond the sand and ocean, Phuket offers wildlife sanctuaries and amazing hiking spots to explore.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Another location that is just recently being discovered by the world and becoming a tourist favourite. Still maintaining much of its history, this is one of the best places in Asia to explore the culture, including temples and ancient architecture, while still having a lot more to explore. There are plenty of resorts and hotels where you can stay in luxury at a very reasonable rate. It’s a must-visit spot for backpackers who can explore the area, then come to the city for some relaxation.

Tokyo, Japan

While many of the places discussed above have that quaint, serene peaceful-ness to them, Tokyo is going in a much bigger direction. Very much a modern city, those looking for the Sort of big city adventure will find it here, though in a very different way than you’ll find in North America. The food, the culture, the entertainment is all new and exciting, and despite the urban feel, it will be like any other place you’ve visited before. Of course, there are still plenty of interesting cultural landmarks to visit while getting a sense of the excitement of modern Japan.

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