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7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence At Work

November 21, 2016

Confident people generally have an easier time with things. Those of us you sometimes struggle with out self-esteem can be set back by self-doubt and a feeling that we can’t accomplish certain tasks. When this happens in the work place it can be especially damaging, possibly leading to stalling in your career or, in some cases, ending your career altogether.

It’s important that we have confidence in our work and feel that we deserve to be in the position that we never. So if you’re at a loss for confidence, try these effective tip to give it a boost and getting back to doing good work you can be proud of.

Stop beating yourself up.

Generally, when confidence is low, the person being most negative of your work will be you. Just remember the no one ever achieved anything by being unfairly hard on themselves. You should be your biggest supporter and, while you should recognize when your work is not up to par, you also need to motivator yourself forward. Try to put a stop to the type of negative thinking that can stop you in your tracks, and instead take an honest, constructive look at your work.

Identify the areas that give you anxiety.

Chances are there are come, if not many aspects of your job that you are confident in, but when one aspect of your job shakes your confidence, it can make you feel as though you don’t have a handle on anything. Avoid this by narrowing down on what elements are giving you anxiety so you can free up the more stable aspects of your job and focus on strengthening those problem areas.

Always be learning.

Sometimes being caught off guard by something you weren’t expecting or something you don’t have knowledge in can make you feel unworthy of your position. I’ve been in positions when a new task is introduce which I have no clue how to do myself. It’s not a good feeling, but there’s a simple way to deal with this. Keep learning. Learn every aspect of the job even if it doesn’t immediately apply. Having extensive knowledge in your position keeps you ahead of the game and give you more confidence overall.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice makes perfect, and with perfection comes confidence. Work on those parts of you job that you don’t have confidence in. If opportunities for practice don’t present themselves, then bring them about yourself. Take the time to practice outside of work if necessary. Develop those skills until your confidence builds.

Assess yourself.

While it’s always important to know where you are in terms of your abilities, but if you have a problem with confidence with your work, then this can be an effective way to see your own progress. It’s important to recognize that you’re doing better and making appropriate forward momentum. Low confidence can often be attributed to feeling you’re not being effective in your work. Seeing actual progress can do a lot to amend those feelings.

Get out of your comfort zone.

While it’s important to recognize your own strengths within your job, sticking exclusively to those strengths is not wise. You could be an expert in one aspect, but live in fear of being assigned work outside your comfort zone. Go beyond what you’re confident with and develop new skills. The larger your repertoire, the more comfortable you’ll be in general.

Be proud of your success.

Building your confidence relies a lot on allowing yourself to enjoy your own success. When you achieve something, don’t get stuck on how much more work you need to do. Be proud of yourself and use that instance as evidence that you can accomplish a lot.

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