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7 Ways To Avoid The Flu

March 8, 2017

Flu season may be nearing it’s end but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. No one likes getting sick and the flu can really take a lot out of you. So whether you want to go out of this flu season without a scratch, or want to prepare yourself for future flu season, here are some tips for staying healthy.

Get your flu shot.

According to the CDC, the only people who shouldn’t be getting flu shots are infants under 6 months. Everyone else stands to gain from these shots. No, they do not guarantee that you won’t get the flu but they do reduce the risks of getting it and the severity if you do get sick. And if you’re thinking you heard somewhere that the flu shot gives you the flu, let’s just dispel that right now. It’s not true. Ask your doctor if you qualify to be placed on a priority list for flu vaccination.

Become obsessive about hand washing.

I’m sure with all the hand sanitizing station around this time of year, you don’t need a reminder to keep your hands clean. However, I will remind you that you really can’t do it often enough. Especially in a workday, you’re interacting with so many people, shaking hands, touching things that everyone else has touched. Keep a big bottle of sanitizer on your desk and don’t hold back.

Avoid touching your face.

Sadly, regardless of how often you wash your hands, you probably are going to get some germs on there at some point. The most common way that those germs can make their way into your body and make you sick is through your own touching of your face. This is the gateway so try to cut out habits like chewing your nails, rubbing your eyes, other anything else that might raise the risk.

Eat your fruits and veggies.

While the flu shot is a great and smart protection against the flu, you can also add some extra protection in more natural ways by eating the right things. As always, fruits and veggies are a great way to stay healthy and certain ones like mushrooms, onions and berries help you to build a strong immune system.

Keep up regular exercise.

It seems every time we do a list about the things to do in order to stay health, exercise finds its way onto the list. That should probably tell us something about how important staying active is for your health. Keeping your body strong and in good shape really makes it easier to fight off sickness. It also help keep things like your lungs healthy which helps protect against more severe illness.

Get plenty of sleep.

Much like exercise, getting a good night’s sleep goes a long way to keep your body in top fighting conditions during the flu season. Setting a regular bedtime and sticking to it is a very good idea and can even help you be more productive during work. So no more all-nighters at work, try to cut back on late weekend nights, and get some sleep!

Don’t avoid taking a sick day.

Of course, there is still the chance that if you will get sick. Maybe it will just be a minor case of the flu and you think you can stick it out at work. Don’t do that. You may think you’re being a good little worker, but it’s likely the opposite. You’re going to have a less productive day going to the office sick and you’re still going to have to take another sick day because you haven’t given yourself the rest needed to recover. It’s not fair to you, to your body, or your coworkers who you’re putting at risk of catching your flu.

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