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7 Tips For Falling Asleep On The Plane

November 20, 2018

Learn how you can be one of those lucky people that sleeps through those long, uncomfortable flights.

We all work hard, and we deserve the occasional vacation. There are few things as wonderful as arriving in a new dream destination with a whole week to look forward to. However, a long flight can really put a damper on that first day. You want to arrive ready for adventure, not tired from the long journey. That’s why it’s always a good idea to try sleeping on the plane. Though some travellers struggle with this, there are simple methods to help you get some sleep so you arrive fresh and ready for your vacation.

Choose the right flight.

There’s not always much options when choosing your flight, but if you can try choosing flights that can help you get some shut eye. Avoid the broken-up flights with layovers and connections. A non-stop flight, while difficult, can allow you some time to get a proper sleep. Also, consider when you’re leaving and when you’re arriving. It’s much easier to sleep on an evening flight compared to an afternoon flight.

Choose the right seat.

We all tend to have a favourite seat on the plane. Again, while not always possible, having the ability to pick the right seat can improve your chances of sleeping. If you’re comfortable by the window, it’s a good choice as you’ll be less likely to be disturbed by someone heading to the washroom.

Dress comfortably.

We’ve previously looked at how what you wear on these long flights is essential. Of course, there are certain standards for what is appropriate in public and you need to consider the comfort of your fellow passengers. But within reason, certainly comfortable shoes and looser clothes can help you get relaxed on the plane.

Bring some comfort items.

We’ve also looked at some of the essential items that can help keep you comfortable on long flights. Again, these carry-on items need to be within reason but certainly a pillow and blanket can help you stay comfy and cozy while you try to sleep.

Eat and drink wisely.

It can be tempting to get a big meal or have a few drinks before hoping on the plane. Or maybe you want to indulge in the in-flight food and beverage service. While moderation is okay, eating too much will leave you full and uncomfortable which will make sleeping that much harder. Likewise, alcohol has been known to disrupt sleep. You’re better off sticking with a small meal and water.

Drown out the noise.

Air travel doesn’t need to be a social occasion. Planes can be loud and disruptive. Don’t think twice about putting in some ear plug or noise-cancelling headphones in order to get some rest. It’s not rude, it’s practical.

Make sure your seat belt is visible.

A little hidden secret all the air travel pros know. If the plane hits some turbulence and the seat belt sign comes on, flight attendants will go around to make sure everyone is fastened in. If you’re trying to sleep and the flight attendant can’t see your seat belt, they will have to wake you up. Put that belt on over your blanket to prevent any interruptions.

While an airplane might not be the ideal place to catch up on sleep, with the right approach you can get even a quick nap which can make all the difference in the world when you arrive at your destination.


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