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7 Things You Can Buy Second-Hand

September 23, 2016

When looking to save money, being thrifty with things you used to indulge in can be difficult. Some people have blinders on for what they think is exceptable to buy used or second-hand, but there are quite a few big ticket items that you can get cheap without worrying about the quality suffering. Check out our list and save a few bucks.


When it comes to leisure activities, any of the more expensive equipment is a good example of the kind of thing that can be purchased second-hand with little risk. Bikes are perfect examples of that. Now if you take your biking more seriously than most people and are looking for a slick racing bicycle or a solid mountain bike, than you’ll probably want to put down some serious cash. However, when looking for a bike to get yourself around town, look at buy/sell forums like Kijiji to find a reliable but affordable ride.

Children clothes

I’m sure you grandparents out there will be shaking their head at this one. Sure, it’s nice to spoil the grandkids with new clothes every once in a while, but if you’re looking to save a little money, there’s no shame in filly the baby’s wardrobe with items from the thrift shop and hand-me-downs. The infantile stage of life is not one in which fashion is all that important and kids to tend to grow faster than you might think. If the clothes are only going to fit them for a few months, no need to spend a lot on them. Wait until they get to high school, then spoil them with new clothes.


Buying a new car is not necessarily a bad way to go if you can afford it, but not all of us can. So instead of wasting money on leasing a new ride, make an investment that won’t break the bank and buy used. Now, a car is a big purchase so even when you’re buying second-hand, you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Do some research, talk to friends or family that might have some insight and try to go in knowing what you want so you’re not stuck walking around the sales-lot with a pushy salesperson. It will be a new car to you, just without that new car smell.


They say the man who has the most tools by the end of his life wins, but they don’t say anything about what kind of condition those tools need to be in. The direct purpose of tools means that they will be getting a little wear-and-tear pretty quickly if you’re using them right, so why should it matter If their new or used. Every household should have at least one complete toolbox, but those things can cost a pretty penny. Search for used tools so you can avoid some of those higher costs and also so you know these tools been to work already.

Musical instruments

Much like bicycles, musical instruments fall into the sort of miscellaneous category. Unless you’re a professional musician, you’re probably looking for an instrument for a hobby. If that’s the case, there’s no need to throw all your money at the best quality instruments. If you have concerns over germs then may want to buy a brand new trumpet or saxophone, but with the grander instruments like guitars and pianos, best to go with a starter. When you become a pro, you can indulge in a Stratocaster.


Any book you want to find, even those on the bestseller’s lists, you can almost certainly buy used. And really, what are you losing for getting a used book. The story doesn’t get worse if someone read it first and it’s even easier to read a book once it’s been broken in a little. Amazon is great way to find just about any book you want at a reduced price.


Chances are you half agree with me on this one. While some people wouldn’t think twice getting certain used furniture, but others may draw the line at things like used beds. That’s all fair enough, but we all know trying to refurnish a house with new furniture can quickly become very costly endeavour. You can find used couches, tables, and furniture of all sizes which could easily pass as brand new. And if you’re still hesitant to buy a used mattress, there are discount store which sell cheap ‘flawed’ beds—usually it crooked stitching jobs that will be hidden by bedsheets anyway.

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