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7 Steps To Make The Perfect Vacation

January 30, 2018

Is it possible to get the perfect vacation? The realistic answer is probably no since the “perfect” anything seems unattainable. However, that does not mean that you can’t create a vacation so amazing and satisfying that it will seem perfect. To go on vacation is one of the most luxurious ways we treat ourselves and of course we want it to be an amazing time. But for a truly great vacation, it seems like so many things have to go right and only a few things going wrong can bring the whole thing down. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that every vacation you go on is as memorable as you could have hoped. Follow these steps and never have a disappointing vacation ever again.

Go by your own interests.

The very first thing you have to do in putting your dream vacation together is decide what kind of vacation you want. That sounds like a fun and easy decision to make, but put some real thought into it. Look back on some of the best vacation experiences you had in the past. What made them so great? Pick apart what you like and dislike about your vacations, and be honest. What some people might see as a dream vacation, like sitting on a tropical beach, might not be as appealing to you. This is your vacation, so you might as well make it as close to your interests as possible. You can think of the most extravagant vacations you can imagine, and while the actual trip needs to be realistic, it will give you a sense of what you want to be doing.


Yes, getting the perfect vacation does require a little bit of work. Once you’ve decided on what type of vacation you want, you can begin to look into how to build that dream getaway into a reality. Start by figuring out a budget as that will help shape the various decisions you have to make along the way. What city will you be visiting? When will you be going? What is the climate this time of year? What do you need to do beforehand? Doing an extensive look into what it’s going to take to put the vacation together will not only help prepare you, but it will also help to build your anticipation.

Plan ahead.

One of the big factors that helps to make a vacation work so well is that it is as stress-free as possible. A great way to ensure that is to plan ahead with your vacation needs. Some people like to fly by the seat of their own pants when travelling, and if you can handle the bumps in the road, then more power to you. But if you want your vacation to go as smoothly as possible, be sure to make the necessary arrangements before hand. Book your flights early, and be sure to factor in how much time you’ll need to switch planes if necessary. Also, book your accommodations ahead of time, even if you’re planning to hop around different spots. Even making an itinerary for each day is a good idea, even if you don’t follow it, just so you’re not stuck sitting in your hotel room trying to figure out what to do with the day.

Find the right travel companion.

Who you travel with can have a major impact on your vacation. Regardless of how close you might be to your best friend on a daily basis and how similar your interests might be, you might have different ideas for how you vacation. In that way, it’s not selfish or unreasonable to be a little picky about who you vacation with. You want to find someone you’re compatible with and someone who will approach this getaway the same way as you, be that a time for relaxation or adventure seeking.

Be comfortable.

What’s most important about making a vacation your own is that you are having as much fun as possible and taking advantage of every moment you can. However, that means different things for different people. While there are some who think a vacation is not worthwhile unless they move outside their comfort zone and do something new, for others, they want nothing more than to relax totally in their comfort zone. And neither approach is wrong. You don’t need to pay attention to other people’s perception of a good time. Only concern yourself with how you feel and what you want to do.

Be spontaneous.

This might seem like a bit of a contradiction to the last point, but it’s really not. There are certainly ways to be spontaneous no matter what you are doing, and when you’re on vacation, being able to adapt to certain circumstances is important for enjoying yourself. No matter how much you plan ahead, it’s unlikely things are always going to go your way, so being up to last minute changes helps you to keep the fun going even when plans change. Also, while having a schedule for the day is helpful, there’s no reason you can’t throw it out the window if something more appealing presents itself.

Capture memories.

While enjoying it in the moment is certainly the most important, be sure to bring back memories of your vacation when it’s over. Bring along a camera and document the trip. You might not feel like you’re the type of person who likes taking pictures, but when you come back to the real world and are reminiscing about what a great vacation you had, you’ll be glad you have a few visual memories to look back on as well.

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