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7 Steps For Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

June 5, 2018

Where will I go next?

That’s the question every travel-lover daydreams about constantly. Where will their next adventure take them and what will make it an unforgettable experience? It might not seem like it, but this can be a difficult question to answer. We’ve explored countless times on this site the many considerations that go into travelling, but when you stand in front of a map you are presented with endless exciting possibilities and it can be hard to choose just one. To help you ensure your next getaway is everything you want it to be, we’ve identified some ways of narrowing down your choices to the perfect destination for you. Have a look and happy travels!

Make a list of your ‘wants’

A great first place to start is the obvious place – figuring out what you want from your trip. Make a list of all the things you want to see and do to make this your ultimate dream travel experience. Are you looking for a nice relaxing beach vacation? Maybe a sightseeing getaway? Or a trip where you can do a bit of thrill-seeking? Or do you just want to eat good food and drink good wine? Figuring all this out will help to shape your ideal trip which you can then use to identify the destinations that can best accommodate your checklist.

Make a list of your ‘needs’

Maybe not as fun, but equally important, is determining what you’ll need for your trip. Consider who you’re travelling with and what is needed to keep everyone happy and comfortable. Will you be travelling with young kids? Will you need to rent a car? What sort of accommodations are required? Starting off with these two lists of wants and needs will provide a good framework and help to narrow things down right away.

Set a budget

Now that you have your list of everything you might want in your trip, it’s time to determine what you can actually afford. Having a budget early on in your travel planning means you’ll have a good sense of what is comfortable for you financially. A good vacation doesn’t mean having to spend a crazy amount of money. You don’t want to be on your trip worrying about what this is doing to your bank account. That might mean not everything on your ‘wants’ list is possible but by setting a budget early and doing some saving, you can still plan a fun getaway.

Consider past vacations

Another great way of determining where you want to go is by thinking about where you’ve already been. What are some of the most memorable vacations you’ve had? What cities did you love visiting? What made them so great? That doesn’t mean you should stick to places you’ve been before. Use this criteria to determine the kind of vacation you know you enjoyed previously and find a new destination that can offer a similar experience.

Do some research

Of course, as with any decision, a good bit of research beforehand can be really helpful. For just about every decision you need to make for your trip, the internet will have all the information you could ask for. Search the best resorts, beaches, food tours or whatever your trip needs. Hear what others recommend and find highlighted destinations that meet your criteria. Once you have narrowed your choices you can start to do a little more research into more specific areas of interest. Find out what the weather is like this time of year, how safe the destination is for tourists and any other questions that come up. The more information you have the more informed your decision will be.

Ask for suggestions

As great a resource as the internet is, there’s no beating the recommendations of your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to steal someone else’s vacation. Ask where they have been and what their most memorable vacation has been. They’ll likely not only give you the destination but also have plenty of great suggestions about what to see and do. If you’re going to get recommendations for a getaway, it might as well be from the people that know you the best.

Be open-minded

While it can be tempting to just stick with what you know and travel somewhere you’ve already been, being open-minded when looking for your next destination presents a whole lot of amazing possibilities. You should still do the appropriate research and understand what you’re getting into, but allowing a bit of the unknown can be fun as well. Don’t dismiss ideas out of hand before exploring them a little. Something that you think might not be for your tastes could offer something you didn’t even know you wanted. Being open to new things could lead you to an amazing adventure.

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