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7 Signs It’s Time For A Job Change

February 27, 2017

For someone on the job hunt, just finding a job feels like a blessing. It’s true that those of us lucky enough to be employed should feel thankful, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with a job in which we’re not happy. It can be easy to get stuck in such a job and feel as though we should stick it out. If your job isn’t going the way you want, these telltale signs might mean it’s time to seek out greener pastures in a new position.

You lost your passion.

Boomers are a generation who consider work as work and might be less concerned about finding work that makes them happy. However, times are changing and more boomer professions are realising that they are allowed to seek enjoyment in their work. If you find yourself going through the motions at your job, it can become toxic. Going into a job you don’t have any passion for day after day can take a terrible emotional toll. Yes, it’s work, but you deserve a job that gives you some happiness.

You’re bored.

Similar to a loss of passion in your job, losing interest in your work can be equally damaging. When your enthusiasm lacks at work, it can begin to affect the quality of your work. You lose motivation and simply do the bare minimum waiting for retirement. That’s no way to end your career. Embrace something that excites you.

You don’t feel valued.

Of course, in many instances, it’s not how you are handling the job that is the problem. In many instances, the company you work for is the source of the problems. Perhaps overtime the company has gone downhill or management changes have produced poor results. But there’s nothing that is more demoralizing than feeling you aren’t valued at work. If the time and work you put in isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, what motivation do you have? It’s time to seek out a more rewarding environment.

You have yet to form a relationship with your boss.

Healthy working relationships are vital to what you get out of a job. This is especially true of your relationship with your boss. For boomers professionals, it can be complicated to form a solid working relationship with a superior. We’ve previously explored the struggles of dealing with a younger boss and that can certainly come in to play. Without feeling that you are connecting with your boss, it can be difficult to get honest and helpful feedback on your work. Such relationships can cause you to feel stalled at work, so it’s better to seek out opportunities with healthier working relationships.

You aren’t using your skills.

There’s a reason you have your job. You have the skills and the experience to perform the role successfully, but what happens if you’re no longer given those opportunities? Sometimes a job can change or not to as advertised, and suddenly you’re stuck in a position which doesn’t allow you to use the skills you’ve honed. While it is important to learn new skills throughout your career, when you’re unable to use those skills you’ve worked so hard to perfect, it can be greatly demoralizing.

You have no room to grow.

Regardless of where we are in our career, we always want to know that we can expand beyond where we are now. Whether it’s a promotion, a job title change or taking on more responsibilities, a large part of motivation at work relies on one’s ability to grow. However, it is possible that you reach your limits within a job. When that day comes, it’s time to continue your growth elsewhere.

Head-hunters want you.

It’s always nice to be wanted. For some of us lucky enough, we can reach a point in our careers when we no longer have to search out new opportunities, but rather new opportunities are presented to us. When your professional reputation reaches a stage in which head-hunters come knocking on your door, you may want to start thinking about how a change of scenery would suit you. Whether it’s for more money, a larger company role, or just a change of pace, these offers are always worth your consideration.

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