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7 Reasons You Should Travel Somewhere New

June 12, 2018

Every trip you take is its own little adventure. Whether you’re visiting friends, sitting on the beach, or trekking across new lands, you’re making memories by putting yourself in new experiences. You probably have a favourite travel destination that you would return to again and again, but you can also add to your adventure by exploring brand new places around the world. There are so many countries and cultures you’ve yet to experience so why not check a few off your list. Here are just some of the reasons why you should take your next trip somewhere new.

Try new things.

Whether it’s food, activities or customs, when you travel to new places you are constantly being given the opportunity to try new things. Those opportunities should be taken more often. We might get the occasional opportunity in our daily lives, but visiting a new place is all about throwing away the mundane and mixing things up. You’ll never know how much you love something until you try it for the first time. You might actually leave having learned a good deal about yourself.

It’s a confidence booster.

Even if you’re going for a relaxing vacation, visiting somewhere you’ve never been is a bold step. You could easily travel somewhere familiar but instead you’re taking a chance and embracing the unknown. Now, there are certainly bigger risks to take but giving yourself that experience is a great way to show yourself you can handle new things. The more new experiences you take on, the more confident you’ll be in facing new challenges.

Improve your social skills.

We’ve talked about how rewarding it can be to meet new people on your travels. Travelling to new places not only gives you the opportunity to make friends all over the world, but also pushes you to be social in a way you might not be used to. Strike up conversations with locals, ask questions and be friendly. Once you go home, you might find it much easier to socialize having experienced it in this way.

Get a culture shock.

The comforts of home can feel pretty great when you need them, but every now and then it’s nice to allow yourself to be completely out of your element. There are so many cultures all around the world that are so different from your own. To move from the familiar to the unfamiliar in such a big way is something everyone should experience. It can expose some profound things to you and show you ways of life you never knew about before. It’s not an exaggeration to say it can be a life-changing experience.

Learn about new places and people.

Of course, it’s not just about the experience of being a stranger in a new culture. There is also the privilege of being able to learn about a new place. Regardless of where you’re travelling to, if you keep an open mind and a desire to explore, there’s no doubt you’ll be leaving knowing more about a place than you did before. You could learn more about the world around you just by visiting and absorbing the experience.

Embrace your adventurous side.

We can get caught up playing it safe and sticking to what we know, forgetting how much fun it can be to try new things. Going somewhere new might not seem like a big step, but you are placing yourself in a situation where you must be willing to be adventurous and move outside your comfort zone, even if it is just a little. Putting yourself in this position reminds you that new things are good, not as intimidating as they seem, and it also gives you courage to embrace that adventurous side more often.

Have stories to tell.

Think about when you get together with loved ones, or even when you meet new people. How do you communicate with each other? Telling stories is such a natural way of communicating and telling our own stories give people an idea of who we are and the life we’ve lived. It’s how people will remember us. Experiences like this, that not everyone has been through are important to share. It’s not about bragging where you’ve been but sharing your stories. You may even inspire someone else to seek out the same, which is about the best thing you can do for a person.

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