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6 Ways To Stay Active This Spring

March 23, 2017

Well, the weather across the country may have you skeptical, spring is officially here! For Canadians, this is generally viewed as our shortest season, to the point that it feels like if you blink you’ll miss it. But the weather will start to warm up and the sun will stay out longer. So how will you take advantage of it? it’s important to stay active throughout all the seasons so if you’re looking for some ways to keep busy this spring, we have a few suggestions.

Find a nature walk path.

A daily walk can be so beneficial for so many reasons, but during the winter months, it can be very difficult to force yourself out into the frigid temperatures. Now that it’s starting to get warmer you should take the opportunity to get in some regular walks. Something that can make the whole thing much more bearable is to find a nice path that gets you away from all the hustle and bustle, like a park or a hiking trail. Getting out in the quiet atmosphere and just enjoy the outdoors with your thoughts. Chances are you’ll start to look forward to your daily walk.

Nurture nature.

While there is certainly beauty to be found in nature (especially in Canada), but sometimes it can be hard to really appreciate it all mean you can’t feel your toes. This is a great time of year to embrace nature and encourage nature. Start by “greening-up” your home environment with some nice house plants. Having that nature-feel around you can do a lot to brighten your day and will encourage you to get outside among the greenery. Also, set up some bird feeders and encourage nature to bring itself to you. Such little adjustments can really bring a lot of benefits.

Find a nice outdoor hangout.

You really need to find excuses to get outside. Not just for exercise, but to get some fresh air and let yourself think in a more open space. Finding that outdoor space that you enjoy is a great way to give yourself an opportunity to get out there. It could be an outdoor café where you like to get some work done. It could be a park bench where you can enjoy a good book. Or it could be a patio where you grab an after-work drink at a pub. Find those special spots tat allows gives you a change of atmosphere different from the office or living room.

Do some spring cleaning.

Whenever a change of season comes, there’s always the transition process within your home. Especially with winter, there tends to be a lot of clutter left over from the colder months. Whether it’s decorations from the season or the warmer clothes we no longer need, there’s a lot of things to put in storage. It’s a great opportunity to do some tidying up. Give some attention to some of those areas you might normally ignore and get the house shining again.

Get ready for summer.

Thankfully, summer is next around the corner and if spring isn’t quite your cup of tea, it can always be a great jumping off point for all the excitement of the summer months. Whether it’s getting yourself prepared for all the weddings you’ll be attending or finalizing plans, use this time to get yourself excited for the beach.

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