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6 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

July 11, 2017

We’re right in the middle of summer now with the frigid memories of winter well behind us. But as nice as it is to wear shorts and keep the windows open all day, the heat can get to you. With the temperatures rising (in some places, to extreme levels) finding ways to escape the heat can be very important. As we get older, these hot days can offer more health concerns. We all want to enjoy the summer days, so know how to get the most out of the sunshine without getting the harms of the heat.

Use sun blockers.

Simply blocking out the sun is a great way to cool down while inside. Getting some dark curtains or window coverings can really lower your room by a few degrees. It might seem a bit depressing to shut out a beautiful sunny day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a nice day. Let the sun shine through the windows all you want but close off one room where you can get a nice cool, refreshing break.

Unplug appliances.

This might seem like going overboard a bit but you’d be surprised how much heat your appliances give off just by being plugged in. Any appliance that you are not using should be unplugged and those you need should be used as minimally as possible. It’s nice out, so try skipping the dryer and hang your clothes outside. Turn off lightbulbs or replace them with the energy efficient kind. Not only will you be cooler but you’ll save some money on your next hydro bill.

Keep exercise to the morning.

For some people, exercise is the last thing they would think about on a hot day. But the reality is that the temperature shouldn’t be an excuse to stay on the couch all day. You can still get out for your daily jog or walk, just be wise about choosing the time. Keep the more strenuous activities to the early mornings or as the sun is going down. Heading out for a jog first thing in the morning is a good idea as it is still cool enough and there is less of a risk of overheating or becoming dehydrated.

Try a cool shower.

On some days, there is nothing better than a nice hot shower. On these hot summer days, you can get a similarly wonderful feeling by turning that shower faucet to the colder side. A nice cool shower after you’ve been in the hot sun for a while can be incredibly refreshing and can help cool your overheated body down quicker to avoid the risk of negative health reactions. Plus, it just feels so amazing.

Dress appropriately.

This is not a lecture on wardrobe – just a friendly reminder to dress for the weather out there. When you’re around the house, shorts and t-shirts are the way to go, keeping things as light as possible. Of course, we still have to go to work every now and then, and that means keeping things professional. But there are ways to maintain the work-friendly outfit while keeping things cool. Wear lighter material clothes, as well as lighter colours which attract less heat.

Air condition.

Of course, the best way to fight against the heat is by keeping yourself air conditioned whenever necessary. Make sure your car has an effective and reliable air conditioner because it can get mighty toasty in those things during the summer days. Sure, you might prefer driving with the windows down, but when you hit the highway, you’re going to want something to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Same thing goes for your home situation. Whatever your air conditioning situation, make sure it works. Also, keep a fan by your bed at night. Just because the sun is down doesn’t mean the heat goes away.

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