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6 Tips For Staying Comfortable During Long Flights

November 6, 2018

Being stuck on a plane for hours is not easy, but there are ways to make even the longer flights relatively comfortable.

Surely, all travel-lovers out there are thankful for the amazing fact that we can get on a plane and fly to pretty much anywhere in the world. But even the most frequent of flyers would have to admit that those long flights can be difficult. Being confined in such a small place for hours on end can be uncomfortable, no matter where your destination might be. But it doesn’t have to be such a miserable experience. Find out how to stay relatively comfortable during your next long flight.

Consider indirect flights.

What’s your main consideration when choosing a flight? Many people go for best price. Others are more concerned with the fastest route. If you’re looking at a particularly long flight ahead of you, comfort should probably be a big consideration. Instead of taking the extra long direct flight, think about breaking up the journey with some indirect flights.

Bring entertainment.

It is nearly impossible to endure even a short flight without something to distract you. And while most flights in-flight entertainment, don’t rely on that. Put some of your own movies on your tablet. Fill your phone with audiobooks and podcasts. Bring a few books in case some don’t hold your attention. Plan for every minute you’ll be on the plane to avoid the dreaded boredom.

Dress comfortably.

It used to be that flying was something you got dressed up for. Those days are gone and while some might lament this, you should take full advantage of that for those longer flights. Now of course there are limitations and exceptions, as you have to be aware of other people’s comfort as well. But there is no shame in wearing something you are able to sit comfortably in and fall asleep in. Change when you arrive, but air travel does not need to look glamourous.

Bring snacks.

The notorious nature of how awful airline food is might be a bit overstated but it’s a good idea to plan your own snacks. Most people take this uncomfortable situation as an excuse to indulge in some comfort food. But instead of eating a bunch of junk food that will probably make you feel worse, pack a healthy snack to satisfy your hunger.

Avoid the alcohol.

It can be tempting to have a few drinks while on a long flight as a way to comfort yourself. However, like junk food, this is more likely to have the opposite effect. Over-indulging with alcohol will make a long flight seem even longer and have you arriving in rough shape. Stick to water for now.

Block everything out.

Long flights don’t need to be a social time, so don’t think twice about shutting out everyone else on the plane. Bring along a sleep mask, earplugs or some good noise-cancelling headphones. If you want to listen to something or just try to sleep the flight away, that’s up to you. But blocking out the world and dreaming about your vacation is more than wise in this situation.


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