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6 Reasons You Should Start Meditating In The Morning

October 23, 2017

Establishing a good morning routine is essential for starting your day off on the right note. We’ve talked about various things that can help you increase your energy and shake off the sleep in the morning, such as with exercise or a good breakfast. However, adding a new element to your morning routine can not only give you that boost you need in the early hours, but could benefit your everyday life in a number of ways. I’m talking about some morning meditation.

Now don’t just dismiss the idea outright. I know there’s a lot of people that are skeptical about this practice. Whether they see it as too boring, or just downright pointless, there are plenty who would scoff at the notion without every even trying it. But by taking a few minutes to tune everything else out and look inward, you could see some life-changing improvement. Still not convinced? Here’s what regular morning meditation can do for you.


As we mentioned, sometimes it’s hard to get things going in the morning. You feel tired, groggy and just can’t get your energy up. Despite the fact that meditation requires pretty much no physical activity, it can help to give you that energy boost you need. Sometimes all we need in the morning is a little time readjust to the new day. Clear out that sleep and get your mind ready to face the day’s challenges. It’s like hitting the snooze button but still being productive.

Keep pain away

Now stay with me here, because I’m well aware that meditation is not some miracle cure that can do away with all ailments and issues. However, studies have shown that people suffering from chronic pain can find relief through meditation. The exercise allows them to clear their mind of the pain that’s afflicting them and allow themselves to refocus on other things. The same has been known to be true of curing headaches and fighting off the common cold.

Put yourself in the right mood

It’s easy to be a little irritable or cranky in the morning, but that’s a miserable way to start the day. Not only is it immediately putting your day in a negative place, but it probably doesn’t help with your daily interactions with other people either. Starting your day with a calming ritual like meditation can help to dispel any of those negative feelings. You have a chance to relax and get your mind in a more rational and peaceful place before you go out. Then when the stresses of the day come (and we all know they will come) you’re in a better position to take them on.

Alleviate stress

Of course, if you do have some stressful thoughts that are racing through your mind as soon as you wake up, meditating can help with that as well. The exercise of mediation is relaxing by its nature. The quiet time you have to yourself, soothing music that helps create the environment, and the continuous inhaling and exhaling technique helps to bring your mind to a more peaceful place. Stress does not dissolve completely so easily, but it helps to keep it in check and prevents it from taking over your morning.

Improve your focus

When we wake up in the morning, it’s hard not to look to all the things you need to accomplish in the new day. Sometimes that to-do list can be quite daunting and you have a million things running through your head as you try to successfully start your day. Meditation helps to make your focus sharper so that you are able to block out all the other noise and zone in on the important things.

Find inspiration and problem-solve

You might be thinking now that meditation actually sounds pretty helpful but that you simply don’t have time for it before work. But this doesn’t need to be a long process in your morning routine and can actually help to prepare you for your work day. Meditation is a great brainstorming session as your mind clears out all other distractions and allows your to really think on some of the challenges of your day. Chances are if you’re seeking to solve a work problem, it’s going to get done during your morning mediation. Then you can go into work with answers and ready to hit the ground running.

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