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5 Ways To Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

June 19, 2017

No matter your age or what kind of experience you have in your position, growth is always important. Becoming skilled in your field is good, but real growth comes from trying new things and continually pushing yourself into new areas. Sometimes this means moving outside your comfort zone and attempting something that may seem daunting to you. we all encounter such situations but in order to grow our skill set, we need to be able to face these new challenges head on. Here are some tips for overcoming that feeling of dread and successfully moving out of your comfort zone.

New is not always bad.

Often times when people are confronted with a new situation they don’t know much about, their instinct is to fear it. New situations are stressful because they come with that element of the unknown and your outcome or level of success with it is unclear. That initial feeling of fear is normal, but you can’t let it dictate your actions. Part of dealing with the fear is acknowledging that it is somewhat absurd. Just because something is unknown or new should not immediately come with negative connotations. For all you know, there’s nothing at all to be afraid of and only when you venture forward will you know for sure.

Don’t mind the discomfort.

It can seem like ineffective advice to suggest simply not minding that which is bothering you. Yes, it is harder than the advice might imply but it is possible to simply not mind that you’re outside your comfort zone. Again, it requires a bit of awareness and rationalization that fear can sometimes overwhelm. Remind yourself that discomfit turns into comfort over time. You need to give yourself time to learn, to adjust, so any discomfort you’re feeling is temporary. When you convince yourself of that, the discomfit won’t go away, but it won’t be in your way either.

Learn from failure.

Of course, there is always the possibility, maybe even likelihood, that things don’t go according to plan. You struggle, you stumble, you fail – and that’s fine too. Failure is a massive part of growth and almost expected when you leave your comfort zone. Failure can be a very scary thing when it’s just a possibility, but when you actually experience it, it can really turn people off venturing into the unknown at all. The trick is to use failure instead of wallowing in it. Learn from the experience of what went wrong and what can change to make sure it goes right the next time.

Surround yourself with risk takers.

For good or bad, we are very influenced by those around us. Luckily, for the most part, we have a lot of say as to who those people are that surround us. If you’re looking to grow, the company you keep can either be of great help or great hindrance. People who encourage you to not extend yourself too far, or to stick with the familiar might mean well, but that influence can leave you in a rut. That doesn’t mean you should rid yourself of their company, it juts means it might do you well to surround yourself with people who have a different outlook, one that encourages risk taking and putting yourself out there.

Think about the rewards.

As with any task or trial that may be difficult, it helps to remind yourself why you’re doing it and what you’ll receive if you stick with it to the end. Remind yourself that you are better yourself through these challenges, that growth depends on taking these risks, and that just because it’s hard now doesn’t mean it will be forever. Constant reminders of these rewards helps to motivate you forward as you move outside that comfort zone.

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