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5 Ways To Have A Last-Minute Getaway

December 22, 2018

Your next adventure could be closer than you think.

The summer season is pretty well behind us so you know what that means – time to start dreaming about your next great getaway. It’s pretty easy to start that kind of daydreaming once you get back in the swing of a regular work schedule. But it may not be as unattainable as you think. You don’t need a summer vacation to still have a lovely getaway. There’s plenty fun to have in a regular weekend. So if you’re already itching for a getaway, here are some last-minute ideas for the up-coming weekend.

Hit the road.

road trip

The classic road trip is always a good idea when you want to get away but don’t know where you want to go. Usually, in the name of safety it’s advisable to plan your trip ahead of time, but since it’s just for the weekend, you probably don’t want to venture too far anyway. Pack some essentials in the car, get on the road early and don’t stop until you like the scenery.



Though the hottest summer days may be behind us, that doesn’t mean the temperature is suddenly going to plummet (we hope). There’s likely still many more days to enjoy the outdoors. Finding the nearest provincial park and setting up a relaxing camp site can be the perfect weekend activity to help ease you back into your regular routine.

Get secluded

When the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life is stressing you out, sometimes all you want to do is escape all the noise and get to somewhere remote. As Canadians, we’re lucky that such isolated paradises are never too far away. And with all the vacation rental options these days, finding a reasonably-priced cabin in the middle of nowhere is not too difficult. Get away from it all, unplug and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Go out in the city.

Of course, some people aren’t looking for peace and quiet to unwind. They like to get out and explore the big cities and the big events. Again, you don’t need to go too far for that. Treat yourself to a night on the town. Get a hotel room, go out for dinner and enjoy whatever is going on in the city that night.

Visit a neighbouring town.

A new adventure can be much closer than you think. Sometimes being forced to stick closer to home on your weekend travels can actually expose some of the great areas around you. We’re always looking to travel far to get those worthwhile experiences and we rarely consider what’s worth exploring around us. Head to one of your neighbouring towns – one of those places you drive through all the time but never stop in. Spend some time seeing what it has to offer. Meet the people, eat at the restaurants and have some fun right next to home. Who knows, you find your new favourite destination.


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