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5 Ways To Fight Job Search Depression

April 17, 2017

Only a very lucky few of us are able to go through life without having to suffer through a long, unpredictable job search period. It can be a scary time, not knowing where or when your next pay cheque will be coming. When the process begins to drag on longer than expected, you can start to feel depressed which can further make the job search difficult. If you find yourself feeling discouraged on the job hunt, try these strategies for getting yourself back on track.

Stay Healthy

No matter what struggles you’re going through, it’s important that you keep yourself in good health. Yes, it can be hard. You find yourself in a funk and suddenly eating right and getting regular exercise doesn’t seem to matter as much. But if you’re not taking care of yourself then you’re just sinking yourself further into a pit. Eating right and getting exercise helps to keep your energy up. Go for a daily walk. It is good for the health and it also happens to be a great way to clear your hide of all the thought floating around in there.

Keep A Routine

When you’re out of work, it can feel like your whole life is thrown out of order. Regaining some of that control and a sense of order is a great way to ground yourself so you can get to work. One excellent way to do this is by re-establishing a daily routine. Breakdown what you need to do for your job search; calling contacts, updating your resume, seeking out opportunities. From there you can set up a regular routine so you’re not wasting the days or pulling all-nighters.

Get Support

It’s never shameful to ask for help and, in many instances, it can be the smartest thing you could do. If you find your depression getting out of control, consult your doctor right away. Beyond that, keep a group close to you that you can lean on for support when you feel down. They could be friends, family, support groups or whatever avenue you need to get yourself through this tough time.

Talk To People

While it’s always helpful to have those close to you to lean on, sometimes it’s nice to talk to people who are in the same boat as you. Connecting with other friends who are out of work and see how they’re dealing with it. better yet, talk to people who went through the job search process and came out the other end with a job. Ask what their approach was and if they have any advice for you. Attend networking events to build your contact list and find new opportunities.

Take Breaks

When you’re out of work, it can be pretty hard to convince yourself to take some time off. You’re not at work so you feel like you’re not working. Anytime you’re not actively looking for work feels like time wasted, but taking some time away from that stress is still very much needed. Without any breaks, your feelings of depression can worsen. Take the weekend off, don’t work at night and maintain a work-life balance. The whole process will see a lot better once you stop punishing yourself.

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